6 Mistakes to Avoid During Interview by Employees

In the process of hiring, to know what not to do in an interview is just as crucial as having polished resume and string references. Like most of the interpersonal interactions, job interviews can be quite subjective. But according to experts, they have identified few common interview mistakes which you should dodge for improving your chances of making a great impression. Interviewers can get away with the mistakes more easily than interviewees. The candidates are quite supposed to stress about how to create a positive and friendly impression on the recruiter. Conversely, the interviewer can come in unprepared, they can slouch, boast or even offend and few of them are likely to be held responsible for damaging the reputation of the employer or the loss of an excellent prospective employee. You know that your resume has done its job and now you have landed for an interview. Therefore, you have to do your best to impress your interviewer to get a perfect job for which you are willing to.

Mistakes to Avoid During Interview by Employees

It is a great progress towards finding your next big opportunity, but how you present yourself in front of the person is what really matters the most. Unfortunately, even smart people can make a bad impression on recruiters unknowingly so, you must take advice on what not to do. According to the staffing services experts who see too many candidates doing the same mistake over and over again have fewer chances of getting the right job in their career. As per the reports of Nationwide, who have conducted an online interview by Harris Poll on behalf of CareerBuilder from Nov 16 to Dec 6, where more than 2600 hiring and human resources managers were present that it does not take much time to a hiring managers to make a decision while selecting the candidate for the respective job. “The best solution to minimize pre-interview anxiety is solid preparation, said by Rosemary Haefner. It has been noticed from many surveys that 67% of the candidates fail to make eye contact with a recruiter, 39% fails to smile at the time of the interview, 34% of the candidates plays with something on a table while interviewing.

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Therefore, we have enlisted a few common mistakes while recruiting which people generally make for you to learn and avoid so that you can make a great impression on the interviewer.

  • Being Late

When you get late for your interview, there is no EXCUSE for it. It shows disrespect to the recruiter and is a sign which you are disorganizing and you don’t care. Before you go for the interview, you must know where you are going and should reach on time. Sometimes it happens that you leave on time from home for the interview, but you get stuck in an unexpected traffic, but whatever the reason is you have to be on time for your interview because time is valuable for everyone.

Mistakes to Avoid During Interview by Employees

Being Late

By running late not only suggests poor time management skills but also shows lack of respect for the company, the position, the interviewer. Go an extra mile to make sure that you are not late and arrive on time or even early. Plan your time so that you can make it to the interview, 5 to 10 minutes early.

  • Bringing Drink

Ditch the coffee, soda or water bottles before you enter your interview. If you require fueling up your nervousness, then do all these things before you go for the interview. Not only it is an unprofessional way to enter with a drink, but also at the time of the interview, you should be focused on the task at hand: making a good impression, answering questions, etc.

Mistakes to Avoid During Interview by Employees

Bringing Drink

Having a drink in front of you only creates a possibility of distraction for you but not for the interviewer like fiddling with the cup or missing a question while taking a sip, etc. It can also result in insight accidents, like spilling the drink on the desk, or you or even the interviewer. So to avoid such situation get rid of your drink before entering into the interview hall.

  • Unprepared

There is no excuse for being unprepared for the interview, like you do not get the time to brush up your topics, or you did not have the idea that the interview will be so early, etc. You must thoroughly prepare about the company, Google about every cramp about the company, its history, founding years, its founders, to its latest achievements and happenings. You should be well versed about the company and your role.

Mistakes to Avoid During Interview by Employees

You need to be prepared for every single interview that you have with the employer, whether it is technical round, your aptitude, your HR round, etc even if you have been told by the recruiter that there will be nothing more than “meet and greet’”, still you must be prepared well for the interview, so that it will not create a bad impression on the recruiter. Plus you will sound much more confident when you are prepared for the interview.

  • Unproper Dressing

You must look GOOD at the time of your interview, when you look good then you will feel good and more likely people will love you. Being well dressed creates a higher confidence level in you too, according to the studies. Even if you are interviewing somewhere with a casual dress code, you must always remember that go the extra mile and dress for success.

Mistakes to Avoid During Interview by Employees

Remember the well said proverb “the first impression is the last impression”. Being well dressed or how you get dressed for the interview, talks a lot more about how you carry yourself. Even though your attire may not vary your position or the role for which you are applying, but appearing too informal or disheveled for the interview will certainly make a bad impression before you even introduce yourself.

  • Using Mobile Phone

Mobile phones, which have become an integral part of everyone’s life for every single second, may land you into trouble especially when you go for the interview. You must always remember to put your cell phones on silent mode before entering the interview hall. Even texting messages at the time of interview are not only considered rude but also disruptive.

Mistakes to Avoid During Interview by Employees

Using Mobile Phone

For the same, you must never answer the calls at the time of the interview, which impacts poorly if you do. To resist the temptation to check your phone, stow your phone in your bag at the time of interview. Because, if you put it up in your pocket, and your mobile rings up will lead to distraction of your mind towards mobile phone rather than your interview.

  • Fuzzy Resume Facts

Even if your resume is submitted to the recruiter when you have applied for the job, you may also be asked to fill out the job application. Always make sure that you know what information you require to complete an application which includes dates of prior employment, graduation dates, and even employer contact information.

Mistakes to Avoid During Interview by Employees

Fuzzy Resume Facts

It is understandable that some of your older experiences may be harder to recall. Review the facts before you go for an interview. If you require to, then take the time to recreate your employment history, so your resume is accurate. It can be helpful to keep a copy of your resume for yourself to refer during your interview.

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Every interviewer develops their own styles and questioning technique. But when it comes to the fundamental facts of interviewing job candidates, the above-mentioned points can detail you about how can you avoid some common mistakes in an interview. Keep interview professional, be thorough and always remember that you are an ambassador of your brand.

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