8 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Recruiting Employees

Current Trends in Indian Recruitment Market

The hiring market in India has witnessed the dramatic changes in the past decade with companies and they are facing an increase in talent crunch. While there is an increase in the number of people to join the workforce “employable” the brains are in short supply. The most prominent factor that got hit by these changes has been IT-IES sector which is also considered to be the most lucrative from an employee’s point of view. Some of the popular means to bring the talent right to the doors of the people are Job fairs, talent auctions, talent referral programs, job sites, walk-in, etc all these tours the employer campuses and are just also used by the Multi-National Corporations. At present the job portals still continue to play a effective role in the process of recruitment, the second wave (Web 2.0) has unleashed by the social networking sites.

In the year 2004, the contribution of job portals in the professional recruitment process mix was 2%, whereas it is now lost to 12% and is being done through job portals. There are over 93% of the recruiters who use LinkedIn to recruit new candidates and about 79% of the job seekers use social media to find new jobs for them. The process of recruiting a candidate majorly depends upon the time to hire a candidate. The social networks leverage to the source talents, with the business striving to get the cream of this digitalized world, and have emerged as one of the top recruitment priorities for 43% of the Indian companies. According to the Global Recruiting Trends 2018 Survey, it has been recorded that81% of the leaders expresses the heavy impact of diversity hiring in their recruitment strategies. Hence, it will continue to be among the top 4 trends that hiring is based upon.

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The social media is the prominent factor, who is changing the face of recruitment. As per current facts, KPMG India Partner and Head, reckons over 80% of companies to use social media in the process of hiring candidates. A survey has suggested the bias problem in the traditional type of interview process between the candidates who possess the skills required by the job and charismatic individuals who have the soft skills but limited skill set. The majority of the workforce by the millennial generation is considered to be a regular 9-5 job in its way out. Bentley University has conducted a survey and has recorded that 77% of the millennial says that flexible work schedules make the working place and an employee more productive for the younger generation.

According to the study by American Center, it actually costs about 20% of an employee’s salary to replace him or her with someone else. If our organization has a high level of turnover of staff, then it can be very costly also. To do a successful outsource recruitment there is no guaranteed process, but if you are aware of some of the obstacles and potential problems that you might face while recruiting, then you can avoid them or deal with them if they arise again. Hence, below are the 8 common mistakes which we generally look at the time of recruiting a candidate or your organization as:

  • Not creating an accurate job description

You must describe the job accurately and honestly in your advertisement so that a perfect candidate may apply for the job role for which you have been hiring for. This helps in reducing the time and helps to get the right candidate. A good job description is more than the simple list of duties. Therefore, it must be described in terms of its overall purpose and identify key the areas of the responsibility. You must not oversell the position, instead lead applicants to believe that it offers them more opportunities than it actually does.

  • Failing to consider recruiting from within

Sometimes, the best candidate can be right under your nose, and maybe you don’t see that. It can make an economic sense to fill the roles internally as it cuts the costs and time which associated with advertising for external candidates. Also, the existing staff members will be familiar with your company’s processes, values, and mission. There can be chances that, he would get up to speed in a new role more quickly rather than an outside world.


Another crucial benefit can be promoting and training up own people can also boost their productivity and morale. If you recruit from within, this will help you to protect important knowledge which can be lost when people laves your organization.

  • Relying too much on the interview

Some managers only use an interview which can evaluate the potential candidates, but is it the best method? In 2015 book, “Work Rule” Senior Google Executive has written that most of the interviews are the waste of time as interviewers spend much of their time in trying to confirm the impression from employee side. As they check out the applicants in the first 10 seconds of meeting them.

You must consider the applicant by giving them a test or exercise so that you can find out how well they can perform on the job. For Ex: To reveal that how good she might be planning, organizing, prioritizing and communicating, you can use Inbox/In-tray assessment or recruitment test so that you can reveal.

  • Using unconscious bias

Recruitment relies upon your decision making abilities that means you must avoid unconscious bias. You may be unwittingly discriminate against certain candidates in the favor of people who share their background, social ethics, ethnicity, age or gender. To accept the candidates with regardless of any of those characteristics means that you have a larger pool of talent to draw from, this also helps to improve the chances of your’s for recruiting the best person for the job.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Recruiting

  • Hiring less qualified people

Hiring people who are less qualified for the job profile leads to the common mistakes which generally we see at the time of recruiting. To hire people who are better than what you need and can improve your own skills and can drive your business forward. The smart managers know that they require bright people to share their insights and thus bring their strengths to the team.

  • Rejecting Overqualified Candidate

To reject an overqualified candidate, it is quite tempting, either for the same reason as hiring less qualified people or because due to the reason that you are afraid and she will become bored by your organization and will leave it for a more satisfying challenge elsewhere. But the highly experienced and talented people may have the skills and ability to help you to develop your team even if they do not stay long. And to encourage for development, progression or reward you might be able to offer to this exceptional person.

  • Waiting for the perfect candidate

In your mind, there may be a picture of the ideal employee in your mind, but as you wait for the candidate to appear, just by keeping it understaffed for too long, you may be jeopardizing your team’s productivity. You team members may have to pick up the extra workload or work overtime, which might affect their morale. To the perfect candidates, the recruiters call them “purple squirrels” because they are so rare. It is usually best to hire someone who actually meets most of your business requirements, as instead for waiting for someone who fits the role exactly and also fits your corporate culture and who has the soft skills.

  • Relying too much on references

How much can you trust the information on the resume? There are almost 60% of the employers who have discovered a lie on the resume.According to the survey, there are more than 2,000 HR and recruitment managers who are commissioned by U.S. recruitment specialist Career builder. So while the applicants may have listed excellent experiences and the qualifications, you will likely need to check some of the details they have provided you.


You can hopefully launch long-term, mutually beneficial working relationships with your new hires, by avoiding these common hiring mistakes and by using your own instincts and savvy. Workers actually like to feel like that they are at competitive business rather than the dead-end street. Therefore, to retain and recruit talent, you need to keep up with tech advances.

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