An Introduction to E commerce CRM

Electronic CRM or (E-CRM) is the application of Internet-based technologies like emails, websites, chat rooms, forums and other channels which are used to achieve CRM objectives. It is a well structured and coordinated process of CRM which helps in automating the processes in marketing, sales and customer services. An effective E-CRM helps to increase the efficiency of the processes as well as improves the interaction with the clients and customers and enables the organizations to customize the products and services which meet the customer's individual requirements. The e-commerce industry has become increasingly competitive over the years and years. In most of the industries, the online stores have to operate in increasingly advanced ways for maintaining their share of the market and to outrun the competitors of the organization. This trend will continue for the foreseeable future. With the role models like Amazon held as the gold standard of what’s possible for online business, the industry has been growing exponentially. Every year, e-commerce development services account for more than $1.3 trillion in sales all around the globe. This number is continuously increasing as more and more countries and consumers get the web, according to the market research firm.

Introduction to E commerce CRM

Such a high number of figures are quite hard to be ignored as many organizations are now revolving around the entire world which enables other users to start their own online businesses. The E-CRM is highly motivated by easy internet access with the help of various platform and devices such as desktop, tablets, mobile phones, etc. It is not the software, however, but rather the utilization of web-based technologies for interacting and ensuring the customer's satisfaction. This, E-CRM, the strategy involves collecting customers information, transaction history, and product information, click stream etc. It then also analyzes the characteristics of the customers to give a transactional analysis which consists of the customer's profile and transactional history. E- CRM has several benefits for the organization by which the business can grow and increase its productivity as:

Introduction to E commerce CRM

Businesses which are strategizing and implementing an E-commerce CRM software solutions are able to align their processes around the technology to effectively deliver seamlessly, high-quality customer experience all across the channels.

How E-CRM Enables Retailers?

We have noted down some key factors which can clearly describe how ecommerce CRM enables online retailers to grow their bottom line more easily as:

  • Lead Nurturing

Guiding a lead with the help of the buying process is the bread and butter of the successful e-commerce development company for its niche operations. Making sure that you have a scalable and robust CRM system, will allow you to see both the strengths and the weaknesses of your current strategy and current e-commerce business.

  • Data collection

Though we dig into more specifics on actionable results from data under customer trends, trend-based sales, etc., giving a quick overview of the importance of general data collection won’t hurt. Data always allows you to optimize every aspect of your offerings and messaging standards and provide different and unique predictions to the customers.

Introduction to E commerce CRM

  • Customer Trends

Gathering the actionable data and then acting on it accordingly, has turned the small time operators into sales gains, and this ignorance of data has left huge loss in the ether of the internet. With E-CRM, online cross-channel retailers can attach the software to all their sales channels in order to start comparing the data on some specific market and demographics.

  • Deeper Analytics

While most of the services will give you the fundamental insights into your customers and what is being bought from your website, rarely does the information go beyond that point. With the help of good E-CRM system in place, you can start optimizing every aspect of your online presence to better speak and to sell to your customer base.

Working of E-CRM

CRM software services can usually be used in the manner of software which is found in the central computer location. On the way of benefits from e-commerce business is the storage of customer data on a shareable web platform like a cloud, where lots of company members can view the content and see the updates and can also track the customer's behavior on an ongoing basis. In today's economic world, the customers interact with an organization with the help of multiple communication channels like web, call centers, field salespeople, dealers, and partners. There are many organizations which have multiple lines of business which interact with the same set of customers. This helps customers to do business with the organization the way the customers need anytime, with the help of channel in any language or currency and to make the customers feel that they are dealing with single, unified company which recognize them on each and every step of the way.

Introduction to E commerce CRM

The E-CRM system create a central repository customer records and provide a portal on each employee’ computer which allows them to access the customer's information by any member of the organization at any time. With the help of this system, E-CRM gives you the ability to know more about the customers, products, and preferences and also the performance results by using real-time information across your business. Marketing the organization can help you to raise gradually the campaign repose rates and marketing driven revenue while simultaneously decreasing the lead generation and customer acquisition cost. By using the CRM solutions and practices, the sales on e-commerce website development services with integrated CRM will efficiently help you to better understand your cross-channel customers and what makes them buy from you.

Implementation of E-CRM

When we are approaching the e-commerce development and also the implementation of CRM, there are some important considerations to keep in mind such as:

  • Define CRM

You must generate a list of the key aspects of your customer's relationships and the importance of these relationships to your business.

  • Develop a plan

Create a broad relationship management program which can be customized to smaller customer segments. A suitable software solution will help deliver this goal.

  • Focus on customers

The focus should be on the customers and not the technology. Any technology has specific benefits in making the customers lives easier by improving support, lowering cost.

Introduction to E commerce CRM

  • Save money

You must focus on aspects of your business which can contribute to the bottom line. Whether it is through cutting cost or by increasing revenue, every capability you implement should have a direct measurable impact on the bottom line.

  • Service & support

By tracking and measuring the dimensions of the relationship, an organization can help to identify their strengths and weakness in the relationship management program.


In a nutshell, the eCommerce CRM system has the power for harnessing your customer's data, so that you can gain insight into behavior, social experience, and purchasing habits, that will help you to give your website the power for improving your offerings and thus increasing your sales reps to raise your business productivity.

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