How Digital Marketing Transforming the Business World in India

India is emerging as one of the fastest growing economies on the global landscape and the opportunities for the growth of organization are incredible, mainly in digital marketing. In coming years, it is not just an assumption but a fact that the digital marketing services will be huge in demand. In the current scenario, about 35% of the Indian population has the access to the internet, and this figure will reach up to 55% and above by the end of 2025, all thanks to rapid development of telecom industry. According to the reports of Mary Meeker annual internet 2017, internet usage in India is expanding rapidly, which signifies that in India the golden age of digital marketing is yet to come in future. With increasing consumer engagement on smaller platforms, the mobile devices are set to take a big piece of digital pie for ad spends in 2018. The social platforms have been initially used for connecting people and savvy marketers are aware that it is not about being the best brand with the best product but its customers.

digital marketing in India

By the year 2016, around 19% of the average Indian marketer’s budget was allocated to digital marketing that increased around 21% in the year 2017 and is expected to grow more in 2018. Unless you have been living a very isolated life, you must be aware how your world is transforming with Digital. Now marketers need to be on the top of what is trending and where their consumers are. The most influencing brand messaging is the one that truly connects with consumers and provides human engagement and has a real impact on individuals and their lifestyles. Recently, we have seen the rise of personalized campaigns and the content with the rise of mobile devices and smartphones. The Indian marketers have always been skeptical adapting to the digital marketing due to the inadequate reach of digital marketing channels to the prospective audience. Moreover, with the internet becoming an integral part of people's common lives, the Indian markets are opening up to digital marketing.

Challenges of Digital Marketers in Business

With the prospects of growth as a digital marketer in India is incredible and significant, they are not free of challenges. Therefore, below are some of the 2 biggest challenges that Indian digital marketers face in their businesses:

  • Lack of proper training

Digital marketing is nothing like traditional channels; it does not have many reasons due to its dynamics. As a digital marketer, you cannot afford to rely on the same tactics for a long time. To educate yourself is the utmost and important challenge to keep up with the trends in the digital arena. You must follow known, successful marketers, attend webinars and keep yourself updated about the changes that take place in your business as well as digital marketing segments.

digital marketing in India

  • Convincing clients

Lack of experimentation is significant among Indian digital marketers. We find ourselves naturally originating towards the conventional digital channels like Facebook & Google Ads. You are required to put yourself out of the comfort zone to unravel those segments of digital marketing media which you can exploit for maximum benefits for your clients. It is not that easy to shortlist best resources for SEO and digital marketers especially relevant to the Indian markets.

Best Practices of Digital marketing to follow in your business

At times, even the best digital marketers fall flat on their face because they generally believe some myths about SEO techniques. There are hundreds of factors which lead to the success of online content and it is impossible to have control over all these factors, but still, there are some of the best practices of digital marketing that must be followed in businesses:

  • Keywords no longer serve the purpose

There was the time when just stuffing the keywords with your content and building few back links is all sufficient to enjoy high rankings. But in the Panda era, Google does not give a thought about the keyword density and Meta description. With hummingbird and Rank brain algorithms, Google has started ranking the contents that provide more human value.

  • Link building strategy

You can build as many links as you want to but the only catch is those links must have some quality. Nobody cares about how many links you get from such sources not even in search engines, as far as your targeted audience is concerned, he or she will not be hanging out on the content or directory sites. This is the reason why you should focus on getting links from relevant sites.

  • Guest posting is yes

Beginning from the point above, ranking higher to your content, you may require to get the links from high authority and relevant root domains. Guest posting is the technique which helps to build not only the quality links but also a long-term association with some authority sites, which works as a two-fold condition.

digital marketing in India

  • Mobile indexing

Out of the total internet users in India during April 2017-2018, 78.98% users accessed internet through mobile phones which followed by 20.45% users who used desktop and rest 0.57% used tablets to access the internet. This reason is enough to give you a push on optimizing your online content as per the mobiles or making it mobile friendly.

  • Voice search

The future of Google or any other search engine on the planet is voice search. Amazon Alexa’s, Microsoft Cortana or Google Assistant, they all answer to the customer's queries based on the same model as search engine give results based upon the text queries. The voice searches are based on long tail search terms as users will hardly use an exact keyword to find the answer on search engines.

Takeaways of digital marketers in Indian business

As a digital marketer, you have to embrace the fact that effective interaction with the potential customers with the help of different channels is everything. The digital realm is not affected by your organization size and so even if have a small organization you can steal customers from bigger and better-known competitors by indulging in right digital marketing. The future of digital marketing has taken a turn to adopt the entire digital marketing platform. The advent of digital marketing in India will be a place for every digital marketing platform that will be grouped under one roof.

digital marketing in India

Most organizations owners look at India as a country where every IT services could be outsourced. Furthermore, many companies are looking experts in digital marketing services wings. The era of this brick industrialization in the 19th century will bring a new kind in the block i.e. advertising. In today’s competitive market, the comprehensive development of digital media carried a paradigm shift in the way the media industry operates.


Digital marketing platform is in its nascent stage in India but not for a long time. All the figures and challenges have been discussed above which strengthen the fact that the golden age of digital marketing in India is about to arrive. Furthermore relying on the reliable sources of information to educate yourself is really important.

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