Mobile Game for Free Download | Increasing trends in Mobile Gaming


It’s a well known fact that the online gaming industry is growing rapidly and it is expected to grow even faster than estimated.

Nowadays, Cell phones have opened up the world of gaming to new and different range of Individuals. Regardless of whether it’s Clash of Clans while on the way to work or Mini Militia while hanging out with companions, gaming is no longer limited to a center of individuals or in the living room any more.

According to the research specialist, Mobile gaming will generate more revenue than virtual console titles as compared to the past years.

Let’s take a look at some of the trends that are influencing the Mobile Gaming:

1. Revenue Models:

Monetizing mobile games has always had its difficulties, although past years offered some more solutions. For instance in 2016, in-game Monetization significantly enhanced from the consumer perspective, particularly, we saw changes to the ways buyers receive in-game advertising. Many Games depend on in-game Advertising, In-app-purchasing for a surge of income. Interstitial Ads, Banner Ads, Reward video Ads are very common these days and various agencies are available to provide these types of advertisings.

2. Free-To-Play Models:

The F2P model will stay popular in 2017 and beyond. Free Game circulation gives a promoting and business approach for developers and distributers to adapt Games. With variety of entertainment products available, Free to play helps to attracts new gamers and permits them to attempt new things with zero commitment to purchase.

Individuals can pay literally nothing and still enjoy the Game, or they can spend money and tweak their experience by purchasing things through micro transactions while playing. Flexibility of this model benefits both Gamers and Publishers as people can play free or they can enjoy advance features by purchasing items if they wish to.

F2P is already the most popular type of game for mobile users, and this trend will continue to increase. Also, next-generation Mobile Gaming will soon provide much more support for F2P games than in the past; For example Clash of Clans, Junglee Wheelman, Wheel Man, Mini Militia and many more will offer more F2P options than before.

Junglee Wheelman is a classic Adventurous game, which will bring your childhood memories back. There are so many features – Classic Game play, easy controls, multiple levels, modern graphics, amazing power-ups and lots of obstacles.


Mini Militia is a multiplayer combat with up to 6 player’s online and 12 using local Wi-Fi. This game is based on the original stickman shooter Doodle Army. This contains zoom control (Sniper zoom), dual wield ability and melee attacks with modern and futuristic heavy duty weapons and grenades.


Wheel Man is a single player arcade game. People can play with just one finger, controlling the Wheelman who has to cross cliffs using sticks. It’s a wonderful game featuring with fun & addictive mechanics.

It’s Simple and Fun, Just Calculate, Create & Cross the Path like a Wheel-Man; Collect the Gifts & Feel the Vibes.


3. More connectivity:

According to Recent study, an effective form of progressing monetization is through multiplayer gaming design. Improving the nature of the today’s competitive industry by adding more powerful features such as in-game chats became the industry standard in 2015, and the trend is continued in 2016 and so on.. Clan engagement is one more powerful feature added on the Games for instance, Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans is a Management and strategy game in real time. Players can build their own village, Raise their own army for the battles, can join to create clans, chat with each others, donate and receive troops, battle with players worldwide and fight against their rival clans.

There are so many powerful features in this Game which can addict any age groups.