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ERP & CRM development solutions now a day’s playing very critical role in helping organizations to automate the processes, improving the profitability of organization, edging to competitive advantage over competitor. As there are numerous of ERP Solutions provider in the market, having diversified product. There are numerous of Service Providers also in the market, which helps in implementing ERP solutions.

The Big Issues in the success of an organization are


Risk in implementing pre-built ERP

Every organization have its own structure, own management, own departments more over own policies & procedure to earn revenue & follows their own process.
The Biggest gap in implementing the pre-built ERP is that the pre-built have its own Module & Standard Set of Operations, that can’t be fitted to every organization. As Every Organization is Unique, therefore every organization should have its own Customized product as to follow the same set of procedure that organization follow.
Using Pre-built product always have a risk that somewhere organization have to change its Set of procedure according to the product & many times it turns into big loss. Here comes the benefit of developing customized product for the organization , having a customized ERP always yields a great ROI as it follow the same set of procedure & modules that organization follow & there occurs no need to change the set of procedure , resulting in better ROI.

Mitigating the Risk

There is always a Risk of given issues, Here “Risk Assessment” Plays a vital role in accomplishing these issues. Risk assessment involves:

Planning> Identifying > Making decisions >Implementing >Measuring effectiveness.

Customized ERP presents an opportunity to extract the maximum returns from the long term investment in the ERP, at the low increment Cost. Most organizations face a major challenge in creating a compelling Customized business ERP. A winning value proposition for Customized ERP need to encompass better utilization of same set of features of Organization, which is very essential in competitive world


Tekshapers is an ISO 9001:2008 & ONICRA Certified Company having Expertise in providing ERP & CRM Solutions to the Global Business. We at Tekshapers provides free consultancy to business of any domain in order to analyze their process AS an “ERP Provide & Proven Track records in developing ERP” we can “ANALYZE” the exact need of the organization, when to implement, what to implement, when to upgrade, what to upgrade, which upgrade should be profitable for organization. We as an information system Company are equipped with the knowledge of Business Analysis > Risk Assessment > Project Management > Research Methodology. We can identify the exact need of the organization & we provide customized solutions that led organization to competitive advantage.

Our Served Areas

  • Manufacturing sector
  • Real Estate
  • Banking Sector
  • Film Media
  • IT Sector

Served Application

  • Intra-organization Departmental Integrator Tool
  • HRMS(Operating in India, Dubai & US)
  • Sales Management CRM
  • Consultants Management CRM
  • Lead Management CRM

Common Mistakes By Organizations In Upgradation Of ERP Solution

  • Underestimating the advantage that an upgrade offers in term of exploitation or new business functionality.
  • Misplaced fear about an upgrade’s effect on business and production.
  • Delaying an upgrade because of lack of knowledge.
  • Lack of awareness about reliable and time-tested methodology.
  • Lack of well defined testing strategies.

Evaluation of all parameter required to build a sound business case for an upgrade will create a clear road map for execution of the upgrade

Upgrading a ERP System is a Critically Business Decision

For this assessment is required for any organization or any service provider:

  • Does your company understand the capability of e-SOA and other new technology?
  • Does your company have the road-map for implementing these technologies?
  • Does your company have a defined methodology to access the impact of upgrade?
  • Does your company have the well-defined strategy to accurately determine the level of testing suffices?
  • What landscape strategy would your company follow for upgrade?
  • What is your company road map for handling post GO-LIVE ISSUE?

A thorough analysis of these misgiving will reveal many of them to be misplaced; an upgrade is fairly RISK FREE. A thorough understanding of the upgrade makes it a process that can be tacked with a well documented template approach.

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