Automating Retail

Best Manufacturing and Retail Automating Platform First and Foremost choice of the retailers and Manufacturers to make their work better and different

Tek product and services

Dynamic Estimation

  • Prebuild Logics for Estimation Calculation
  • Get Instant Estimation for Any Service
  • Generate PO Based on Estimate Calculated
  • Send to Customer
  • Quantities of works, goods & services and relevant prices are accurately known
  • Customised reports


  • Allow sales person to add/manage retailers
  • Retailer adds their customers
  • Retailer can submit their leads
  • Retailer can track their own leads history.
  • Avails different type of points i.e. Bonus, Offer & Lead Points
  • Track retailer history
  • Effective Management of Supply chain
Tek product and services
Tek product and services

Customer Automation

  • Manage direct & indirect customers
  • Connect & communicate online
  • Get feedbacks/ratings from customers
  • Maintain historic data of customers
  • Find different segments of customer i.e. New, Returning, Frequent,
  • Block unauthenticated customers
  • Increases Revenue

Inventory Automation

  • Manage all your products in central database keeping detailed listings of products, vendors, customers and transactions.
  • Easily create sales orders, invoices, purchase orders and email them directly
  • Always keep track of current stock levels, & use access rights as needed.
  • Track costs related to your inventory & run reports to see your total sales
Tek product and services
Tek product and services

CRM Automation

  • Auto Ticket Creation
  • Find Available Resource Instantly
  • Assign Jobs to Available Resources
  • Log Job Status Automatically on each activity
  • Mark Job status as completed
  • Imporved Analytical data & reporting

Finance Automation

  • Automate Customers Transactions
  • Generate Automated Invoices
  • Creates Journal Entries
  • Payments Adjustments
  • Order Tracketing
  • Debit/ Credit Notes
  • Pending C Forms
Tek product and services
Tek product and services

Report and MIS

  • Generate N-number of reports provided to be used in your internal system
  • Attendance & Leaves Reports for different periods (monthly/yearly)
  • Payroll Reports, Statutory Reports, Income Tax deducted/adjusted,
  • Expense/Claim Reports
  • Meeting Schedule Reports
  • Sales Team Targets Reports
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