Beacon Technology

Effective solution for your business is provided with the help of beacon technology for the growth of your organization to reach to the new heights with great success

While the idea of developing beacon is simple, but implementing a solution which works with your business to the appropriate beacon technology can be challenging. Tekshapers has the expertise to solve these challenges for the growth of your organization. Beacon software is quite easily affordable and you can utilize our devices to full potential by sending notifications that are based on understanding customer’s behavior, location, etc.

Beacon technology is low cost, low powered and low energy Bluetooth device which let the people connect to the supermarkets, shopping complex, malls, etc. We hit the customers’ business by delivering a rich experience on the small screen which helps to grow their business, ease of operations and more.

Importance of Beacon Technology

Beacon is a small piece of hardware which is placed in a specific location. They are low energy devices that broadcast the signals at regular intervals. Beacons are supported by proximity technology which fosters the two-way communication i.e. between the application and the transmitter. In multi-specialty hospitals, it is troublesome for people to find the direction of various departments, but beacon has proved itself to be the easiest and helpful app in finding particular wards in the hospital.

Beacon builds a bridge between the real and digital world by connecting people on mobile devices. Smartphones or other mobile devices can capture the beacon signals with the ability to both send and receive the data. Think of a time when we have to wait in a long queue for car parking, but using beacon technology app you can instantly pay in the parking meter which is quite easy for people.

As a leading Beacon Application Development company, Tekshapers help customers in providing maintenance or extension for your existing beacon app. We also help to deliver the design of your ideas and present it to you in a creative manner.

How Beacon Benefits Us?

Clearly, beacons can be very useful for your business as they have some challenges to be conquered. Beacons are finding applications over a lot of industries. Success to beacon technology depends upon the customers experience and their satisfaction on using those devices. Beacons also include some of the benefits that will give you a head start on your business as:-

  • Highly efficient

    Beacons are known for their efficiency. People who use this technology can cut the cost and improve the efficiency by tracking customer needs.

  • Versatility

    Beacons come in a variety of size, shape, and color. Some of the beacons are made water resistant and UV protected which in turn benefit the customers if they are using it in outdoor.

  • Great range of communication

    They come in a variety of ranges and are specifically designed to work well in both locations i.e. indoor or outdoor.

  • Precise & Secured

    It is highly secured and precise when it comes to targeting customers’ in-store. Beacons with higher security can result in less risk in hacking.

Why Prefer Us?

  • We deliver operational simplicity for a scalable& robust BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacon solution for the growth of your organization.
  • We have a deep understanding of beacon technology and software that create maximum impact on the end user and satisfy our customers as per their requirements.
  • Using Beacon technology, we deliver a world-class experience to real life and thus try to reduce the scope of errors or complaints.
  • We use beacon technology in innovative ways which helps you to interact with your customers at a whole new level.
  • In addition to it, we have effective software products to help businesses build context-rich applications for improving customer experience.



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