Blockchain Technology

Implement blockchain solution with technology which results in best outcomes for your business growth

In today’s era, to bring the blockchain concept to life, we definitely should look into the new technology by a conceptual lens to explore the disruptive qualities that are persistently present at its very and every core. We not only seek to create the next generation of technology but we also take out the time to think about how to maximize its potential at the fundamental level.

Tekshapers brings the strength in other industry and technology areas either to complement or combine with blockchain and help their customers to amplify its value. We have gained huge expertise in building high quality; scalable distributed application and also customized protocols. We genuinely are on a mission to build more and more of open, easy to access and fair financial future with the help of blockchain technology.

Blockchain Development Process

In simple terms, blockchain is an innovative distributed ledger which allows the transaction of user’s currency with ease and stores the data with integrity. Blockchain technology can be and should be used to manage all the transactions and account.

Blockchain is basically a platform which is completely tamper-proof, promising and secured. 

Whenever a transfer is performed using the blockchain technology’s network, the payee and the other party has the ability and can check the complete wire transfer. This is one of the main reason that financial bodies and organizations are exploring the blockchain technology and its implementations now a days. The whole process can be viewed in a pictorial form below: Following are the services that our blockchain development process includes 

  • Smart Contract Development

    We program immutably for blockchain and web solutions for finance, real estate and many more.

  • Wallets and Exchanges

    Our blockchain application services include wallet apps and exchange platform for mobile devices, desktops, etc to generate best outcomes for client’s business.

  • Hyper-Ledger Development

    Develop private block chains for retail, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, etc on the hyper ledger to maintain a safe environment for the transaction with any industry.

  • Payment Processing

    You will get immensely incredible and easy methods for websites to receive the payments through bitcoins and it would be completely free and secure.

Blockchain Development Process

Simplifying and clarifying your business needs

After gathering the initial requirements we will assess them and accordingly you would receive an approximate budget and the timeframe for the development and implementation of your blockchain solution. In this process you would get the statement of work and project assessment document for your business product.

Strategy Workshop

An entire team of blockchain experts, Tech managers, project managers and business analysts come up with a strategy where they consider your current existing system and planned business processes. They identify limitations and all the risks included and create the initial architecture concept with a technology stack. After strategy workshop you would get the clickable prototypes and complete project plan.

Design and Development

Once the confirmation is given on the strategies made by us, we would gather the development team for your project. You would be able to track the blockchain development process. By the end of this phase you would get the deployable product and the release plan.


After the development of your blockchain we start releasing it in coordination with your teams. Our quality assurance experts test the system after the release to make sure it is ready for production. Finally, we provide and outline the support and maintenance processes for your blockchain project to make sure its continuous operation.

Advantages of Blockchain Technology

We offer blockchain application development, support in operation and a team of experts to enable various solutions for your idea and are committed to support the vast array of sustainability. 


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