10 Signs to Invest in Custom Software Development

In today’s rapidly changing and developing world, to stay ahead of the curves has become increasingly difficult and ever important. The software has revolutionized the way business is done all across the globe by increasing efficiency and reducing the time spent on menial tasks which can be easily automated with the help of custom software. There are many organizations, which remain trapped in their archaic systems of doing work. Buying the off-the-shelf software products and services without doing your homework can come back to haunt you when your organization expands and its requirements become more and more sophisticated.

custom software development

Invest in custom development

As an experienced application development organization, we get approached often by companies which are not completely sure whether or not they even need custom software development services. They realize that they may have some issues, but aren’t sure what is the best solution to their problems. If you are leading an emerging organization, over time your management will require likely to become more sophisticated and more difficult to handle. Running a growing business and trying to put in sync all of its various aspects like administration, operation, and technology can turn all this in chaos.

custom software development

As an experienced IT software development company, we can evaluate software solutions and comparing them against trends in the various industries which can help you in fixing issues that you require to address from a technology standpoint. It will also help in determining when the perfect time is for investing in custom software for better management and growth of the firm. The entrapment becomes increasing danger when the competitors begin entering the new age of powerful software which also includes automated data analytics and CRM software implementation which provide your organization with high-level functionality and flexibility.

When you lead an organization, then to find the perfect balance between immediate requirements and long-term growth is crucial. When accessing your software requirements, making right choice between the customers and the company and custom made is also very important. The database applications can be engineered around your company’s operations for providing more efficient processes and superior data analysis. Globalization comes together with many technological improvements which result in the need for the organizations to expand their commercial workflow and begin thinking worldwide.

Thinking about all these, there are top 10 signs that show your business need to invest in custom software development services as:

  • Change in Business Processes

The business processes evolve and changes, therefore, your customers base or product mix changes, you can find more efficient ways to get the things done or you see a way to cut a whole set of steps with automation. In these situations, you are extremely looking to streamline your current processes. Often times you do not know exactly how to do this with your existing software and the custom application is quite important.

custom software development

  • Outdated technologies

As the software ages, it is an obvious one as it becomes more difficult finding someone with the skills to support it. We still run into code written in COBOL or optimized for RPG. This is one of those situations where it is time to bite the bullet and upgrade your current environments. Outdates web applications can also be a problem since they do not always work well with current web browsers that result in loss of functionality.

  • Producing data reports

Whilst, the excel is the fantastic tool for organization, if it is common practice in your business to make use of excel for storing all your data, to be processed at the later stage, then it is the time to begin thinking about the things a little bit differently. Manually inputting data can be extremely time intensive exercise-time which could be spent far more effectively elsewhere. The manual reporting often means that staying up to date is impossible as reports are often delivered a month after the data has been captured.

custom software development

  • Adjusting your business

There are many organizations, old and new that suffer from limitations imposed by their present software. The software shortfalls can results in business moldings for fitting the capabilities of what their software can do. This is a sign which your software is strangling with your business. Opportunities for the growth and development are being missed as your software will prevent you from seizing these moments, thus hinders the organic growth.

  • Sales are lagging

Without having the software, it keeps your sales team up to date and on track, the performance of the team is hindered whether you are aware of it or not. Sales are the lifeline to any business. For sales employees, operating at their most effective level, they need up to date and accurate customer information such as contact details, position within the company and any previous sales information which relates to the customers. If this does not describe your sales setup, then you must invest in custom CRM software development services which will revolutionize sales CRM with your business.

custom software development

Lagging in Sales

  • Focusing on serving

The business is all about remaining flexible as the flexibility allows for faster reaction to opportunity. Thus, your organization requires a software solution which can grow and adapt with the business. Rigidity means that your organization is focused on survival and not growth. The survival mode can cause businesses to be reactive rather than proactive thus forgoing opportunities which can take the organizations into a period of sustained growth.

  • Security

When you select the software system from a box store, it is evident that it has been sold to many other also for business. Now, when a number of people are already using it, then the chances of hackers already discovering the ways to breach the system and steal the records will rise. The hackers will not like to put in efforts for cracking the code which will especially work on your software only and not on each and every software.

custom software development

  • Tangled in spreadsheet

Honestly, how many excel spreadsheets do you use for keeping the records of what you are doing? And also how much time do you require to maintain them all within the cells, numbers, formats, etc? Imagine that all of these operations could be automated into a web app which does all the work for you without any or very limited manual labor and time- custom software which can give a clear visual picture of all your important business metrics in real time. It can also reduce employee time spent on data entry and focusing rather on results so you could spend more time on active and planning and less time on operations.

  • Foresee future updates

The custom software is the perfect option if you would like to convert an access database to a web-based system. This change can allow for scalability and remote access to the application. Future business growth is also a crucial factor in custom software development. Prebuilt packages always come with some limitations and some are too small to project future growth. The best and foremost thing to do is to have custom software developed which can meet your current requirements but is scalable for your future growth projections.

  • Adaptability & Integration

Talking about the custom software development means a team of experts which is specially engaged in delivering the product which is as per your requirements and the specifications. They collect all the required information of your needs, incorporate each of it into the software system and thus deliver you a solution which is the right fit for your organization.

custom software development


The organization thinks that custom software development solutions are a huge investment in terms of time and effort and also money, but not now. With the availability of various open source platforms and other tricks, it is very easy to develop quality custom solutions which will help to increase your efficiency, productivity, and overall creativity. Tekshapers is one of those few custom software development companies which pay attention to every single detail of your requirement and thus offer you the most appropriate & rightly fit custom software solutions. You can connect with our team of experts to enquire further about it. 

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