Advanced Guide to O Intranet

O-intranet is the advanced feature of the intranet that helps in communicating within enterprise or organization. It is easy to learn & integrate, connects the employees and works more efficiently for each organization. It is tailored to the way that employees can communicate, collaborate and create an efficient value for interacting with each other.

Guide to O Intranet With the use of O-Intranet, we can create a simple platform to communicate with the employees and the organization. It has drastically changed the way that we have conversations with our employees. This software offers the plethora of out-of-the-box functionality that provides the solution every day to each organization. In addition to this, it also delivers the solution to everyday challenges that relate to how the information is disseminated throughout the particular organization?

How Can Organization Benefit From O-Intranet?

Within recent years, the world of intranet has significantly matured; therefore, it has brought an advanced feature called as o-intranet, to operate with the organization. Today, O-Intranet is the static platform within an organization that is built for communicating with the enterprise or the employees of that enterprise. It also benefits the organization in many ways such as:-

Easy communication 

With the use of o-intranet, it helps employees to communicate easily within the organization. Interaction is the social part of any business that enhances the communication between the co-workers and the organization. It is important to get encouraged with the users who are active and builds a team spirit by interacting with others.


O-intranet helps in saving time within boundaries. Due to the use of o-intranet, one can save their time while communicating with others. It is fastest and quick responsive medium for employees.

benefits of O intranet

                                                                                        Pros of O-Intranet


It is also cost-effective. Although o-intranet software adopts utilizing huge cost in building, its use by the employees makes it cost effective than any other mode of communication. The reason behind is a restriction to mobile phones or desktop, which lead to easy communication with the help of o-intranet.

Gap filling

It also helps in filling the gap for the communication between the employees or organization. Therefore, to each problem, there can be various options to resolve such issue. It also assists in making a more close relationship between the employees and organization.

Promotion & appraisal 

O-intranet also lead in promotion and appraisal for the employees. Employees will get a benefit to winning the awards or the promotions within their organization. This creates more enthusiasm in the employee’s and therefore, they work with more passion and interest.

Features Of O-intranet

O-intranet unifies the management of critical tasks like employee management, event management, ideas, and challenges, etc. By the use of O-intranet, we can maintain decorum to organize the events or any management activity. Some of the O-Intranet functions that can be managed are:-

Guide to O Intranet

  • Any data can be easily managed by the use of o-intranet. This can be done by adding the personal details of the employees or it can manually be imported within a single click. This will result in fetching the data of particular employee through anyone associated with that organization.
  • We can plan, organize or list our events according to our choice. Due to this, we can reduce our work. Instead of inviting to others manually, we can send an online invitation to every employee and can track all the details online of our event. This will save time and money in providing invitation cards by the traditional method.
  • Another feature can be the very daunting task if it is done traditionally by the employees. Booking a meeting room can become easy by the use of o-intranet. As it provides a platform to the employees to manage all the activities by themselves. They can also keep a track record of the meeting scheduled by them.


O-intranet is the medium for interacting with employees within the organization. It helps them to build and extensive functionality between the employees and organization. It saves time and is easy to operate and work with. Therefore, to create any management activity at a secured platform, you can use o-intranet that gives a different look and feel to your business.

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