Data Security: A Real Challenge

The term data security refers to the protective digital privacy measures which are applied for preventing the unauthorized access to the computers, databases, and website. It also helps to protect the data from corruption. This is an important aspect of IT for businesses of every size and type. The use of authenticity is one of the most commonly encountered methods to practice the data security. This also includes the data encryption, tokenization and key management practices which help to protect the data all across between the applications and the platforms. According to the recent report by Gartner, the market for content-aware data loss prevention solution will continue to increase by more than 20% each year. The major principle of data security is to offer the protection to the data user’s collection or from the sources of data. EU will be going to release the large part of data security as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations).

Data Security

The data is in the form of raw material which provides information that is stored in columns and rows in our databases, network servers, and personal computers. This can also range from personnel files and intellectual property to market analytics and can intend to the top secret. The data security can also be defined as the means to protect your digital data and keep it safe from attack, from accidental deletion, from security breaches, etc. It is the wide and complex set of solutions to wide and complex series of issues which shows up when trying to secure the information, not one unified process. The reason behind why we need data security is because the businesses around the globe are investing heavily in information technology, cyber defense capabilities for protecting their critical assets. Some of the common examples of data security include backups, data masking, and data erasure. It is also crucial for healthcare records in hospitals and other medical facilities.

Types of Data Security

Internet security software is the division of protecting the computer and their security specifically which are connected to the internet. To transfer the data, there have been extensive methods used such as encryption and security. Below are given several types of data security that will help you to understand more about the security of data:

Network Layer security


  • Network Layer security

Along with cryptographic techniques and internet protocols, TCP/IP can be made protected which have been designed to protect emails on the internet. These techniques of protocols consist of SSL & TLS for the traffic of the website.

  • IPSec Protocol

We can develop this method to protect the interaction in the protected manner through the use of TCP/IP. It is a kind of setup security additions which are designed with the help of IETF. It consists of two types of a protocol such as authentication heard portable data security.

  • Email Security

The messages of emails are delivered, composed and saved in several steps of the procedure that starts with the message’s structure. The email customer provides the ender’s information to the hosting server for the further process.

Importance of Data Security

Recently there has been multiple numbers of stories about the data security. These stories highlight the importance of data security to be taken for protecting your data and make it secured. By the year 2015, there was a botched data outsourcing contract in Sweden. According to the information from Hacker News, the lack exposed a wide range of data security such as weight capacity of all road and bridges, etc. As we know that, data security is important for every organization, whether it is an online business or offline business. According to the recent stats, over 45.6 million credit/debit card numbers were taken out from the system over the period of 18 months. This breech hence ended up with the cost TJX that whops USD 256 million. With the help of data security, the information of clients, payment information, personnel files, etc all this can be hard to replace and potentially dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands.

Importance of Data Security

Importance of Data Security

Data security can be recognized as the most important corporate asset which requires safeguarding. The loss of information can also lead to the direct financial losses like lost sales, fines, etc. According to the reports from CDW, the data loss has emerged as the top cyber security challenges which every medium and large business are facing now. The loss in data can damage the organizations in the wide range of variety and is expensive with the estimated cost around USD200 per record breached and with the average of USD6.8 million per total breach. The major importance of data security is that it keeps your data out of public view, stands against the third party hackers attack and uses the backup options effectively useful in time of recovery. One of the largest payment handling organization globally occurred at Global Payments breach in March, according to the reports and figures.

Challenges of Data Security

Every year, the protection of private and confidential information increases more and more attention. As per the reports of World Quantity, the only global report for application quality, the security is the most highly ranked priority in the IT strategies, according to the respondents of the survey. Below are given some of the major challenges faced by the data security as discussed here:

  • The vulnerability of data generation

To deliberately undermine the quality of data analysis, the cybercriminals can penetrate your system and also can make your sensors show fake results. By this way, you may fail to notice the alarming trends and can also miss the opportunity to solve the issues before serious damage is caused. Therefore, such challenges can be solved with the help of applying fraud detection approach.

  • The potential presence of mapper

One of the main methods used. Once your data is collected with MapReduce paradigm, it undergoes the parallel processing. When the data is split into a number of bulks, then the mapper processes them and allocates to particular storage options. Besides this, the outsiders can also get the access to sensitive information.

  • Troubles of cryptographic protection

Although the encryption is a well-known way to protect the sensitive information, it is further on our list of big data security issues. Despite being a possibility to encrypt big data and essentially of doing so, this security measure can be often ignored. Without any encrypted protection, the sensitive data is generally stored in the cloud.

The possibility of sensitive information

  • The possibility of sensitive information

The typical use of permits based security is for big data protection. It means that all the points of entry and exit are highly secured and safe. Such a lack of control within your big data solution can let your corrupt IT specialist or organization rivals mine unprotected data and can sell it for their own benefits and use.

  • Data provenance difficulties

The unauthorized changes in the metadata can lead you to the wrong data sets that will make it difficult to find out the required information. The main concern about data provenance from a security perspective is that the untraceable data source can be an impediment into the roots of security breaches and can cause data generation cases.

  • Struggles of access control

Sometimes, the data items may fall under the restrictions and practically no users can see the secret information in it like personal info, etc.The trick behind it is that it is difficult to access to grant and control because the data technologies are not initially designed to do such thing at a wider range of data warehouse.


Now, you may have got a good idea about the data security and its real challenges in today’s competitive environment. To be more frank on this, the data security is a time taking process which was entirely worth to do so. There is nothing to do legally in that, so it is better to use the data security technologies to secure your ideas digitally.

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