Ecommerce Website Development : Features and Tips

 In our age, where the production has reached an unprecedented peak, people are flooded with a plethora of products and services. To face a choice of not only the products but also the manufacturers, people usually get confused and overwhelmed while making a certain purchase. About 80% of the population has gone into online purchase and this level of purchasing online shopping is going to increase in futufure. For consistently increasing the graph of business to the new level of heights, it must possess two most important things such as reaching new customers with steadily rates and second is effective communication and interaction with the existing ones.

e-commerce website development

As we know that, e-commerce website development has been increasing since past many years and is going to increase much more in coming years. An e-Tcommerce website allows the customers to buy and sell their products online. In today’s competitive market, it is becoming a need for every business as with e-commerce portal development organizations are tapping a new platform to achieve future growth & success. With the advancement of latest technology and popularity of the internet, more and more people are turning towards the web for a variety of purpose. 

Need for E-commerce Development Services

As we know that, today internet is no longer limited to finding the information, sending emails or connecting with people. Now it has expanded its reach to offering the services and products at customer’s doorstep. Thus if you plan to stay ahead in the competition by owing an ecommerce portal then you are also required to understand the importance & functionality of e-commerce website development. An e-commerce website affects your business in following ways:

  • It provide you a wider reach to your target audience
  • It helps in influencing the purchase decisions of the customers
  • It provides convenience & flexibility not only to the customers but to the marketers too
  • An e-commerce website helps in gaining new customers
  • It not only promote your business but also build a brand image with an online presence
  • It boost your conversion rates
  • It is easy to set up & monitor

Need of Ecommerce Website

Need of Ecommerce Website

More than 206 million shoppers have been predicted according to the reports, that they spend more money on shopping accessories than buying anything else online. If you are planning to expand your business online with an e-commerce website, then there are few key factors which you must consider related to ecommerce website development. The success of any ecommerce company does not depend on the products they offer, but on the sale of those goods and services.

  • Organize your Product Catalog

There are many websites who provide a long list of products or lump them behind the search button, which makes it difficult for the customers to find them. Therefore, you must arrange your products into logical categories & subcategories which make it easier for the customer to navigate through your website & find the exact product he is looking for. But you must also not overdo it which will again make your ecommerce website non-user friendly. According to a research study, it has been found that most customers get overwhelmed with more than 7 categories shown on the list.

You must create your list or organize your product list in such a manner that customers may not find it difficult to locate the product that they need. Your product must have high quality and clear picture with, short description to define & highlights its feature & specifications.

  • Multiple Payment Gateway

To keep all kinds of payment gateway options available to your customers is the key. Not every person feels comfortable in paying through their credit card; more importantly not everyone has a credit card. Therefore, you must incorporate many payment options available while e-commerce application development to make the shopping & payment experience easy for your customers.

You must include debit card, internet banking, paytm, cash on delivery etc. options available to your customers so that, whichever option suits the customer best to shop, they can opt that to buy your products and services. It builds a trust & stronger relationship between the customer & the seller.

  • Content Management Capabilities

When you take help from an ecommerce design company for your ecommerce website development & design, you need to check the placing of your products & it must include a proper description. Content plays a crucial part in creating a website, hence, all the products must include the specified and appropriate content so that the customers can go through the detailed description of the product & understand its specifications which will help them in buying decision.

In addition to the description of your product you also need to add an appropriate image of that. Various fields must also incorporated appropriately like product details, additional details, weight, stock availability, order amount, etc.

Features of Ecommerce Website

Features of Ecommerce Website

  • Reporting Tools

You must include an interactive administrative dashboard with charts and statistics and must have the ability to analyze the dashboard statistics which reflect the specific data. The reports of dashboard must include store sales by amount; store sales order volume, new customers vs. existing, top selling products, selling brands etc.

You must create a single report outside the dashboard which consists of data rage, top selling products, low inventory quantity and new customers by data range. All these factors help you to manage the reports of your product sales.

  • Promotions and Discounts

Most of the e-commerce website is using special offers in their standard marketing practices with the help of email, social, text, etc. You must create and manage the discount codes and add discount codes to categories, brands or products. You must set minimum and maximum quantity requirement for generating the discount codes.

As we know the word free and discount always attracts the attention of customers, you must place your discount codes and coupons on the top of your website so that none of the customers can neglect your offers without viewing the products and services.

  • Wishlist Management

The e-commerce websites who are not using the wish list in their sites are leaving the revenue behind on the virtual desktop table. Every user is now looking for a more personalized experience on the website and hence they love to look at the wish list that includes fashion, books, grocery, holiday gifts, etc. What better than having the customers bookmarks the items that they need to buy?

To put the wish list on your website is an opportunity to share the brand with new buyers. When shoppers share their wish list with family and friends, it sends free traffic with built-in social proof to a website and increases the productivity of your business.

  • Outlined Policies

Make your privacy policy public and keep it in a prominent place and also link it with your checkout pages, products, home, so that the customers who are worrying of providing personal and credit card details feel comfortable while purchasing online. Security is a very critical factor to focus in ecommerce website development process.

You must never sell the customer’s personal information unless they have agreed to it, as this is the sure way to lose credibility and trust of your customers doubly fast.

Tips to manage E-commerce Website

To manage an e-commerce website is quite important and a tricky challenge, so proper management is essential. Having the backlog of goods and services can adversely affect the bottom line of your business. Therefore, the robust and adequate solutions combine with strong relationship with suppliers will ensure you to deliver what your customers actually need. Given below are some of the tips that are required to manage your e-commerce online portal as:

  • Have a centralized Inventory Management System

These days, it does not matter that how many products you carry or how small is your budget, there must be a software solution to manage your inventory. According to the Peerless Research, about 87% of companies are using some sort of warehouse management system. As you grow your business, to manage e-commerce inventory in real time becomes most essential. Furthermore, there are many options to carry out both free and paid, so find out the right option that fits your business needs.

  • Have Accurate Forecast of your Inventory need

There are few businesses who consistently sell the same amount of product every day throughout the year. No doubt your business has slower times of the year. By carefully managing the e-commerce inventory will help you to understand the product turnaround. With the help of right data, predictable supply and demand pattern you can start to emerge more in your business.

tips to manage ecommerce

  • Have Backup suppliers

As a small business, you are dependent on suppliers, the suppliers must be reliable. A good supplier will provide you with the quality products, consistency, on-time delivery, knowledge of trends, etc. While managing e-commerce inventory, you never know when a huge order might roll in which your usual supplier can’t handle so having backup supplier will give you an edge over your competitors.

  • Consider drop shipping

By the year 2021, worldwide e-commerce sales are projected to reach nearly 4.5 trillion dollars. That is not good to package and shipping departments, so small businesses are turning to drop shipping as a fulfillment solution. Depending on what you are selling, you must consider partnering with a drop shipping supplier to enhance your small business inventory.

  • Assign one department to be in charge

To have a proper balance when you are managing e-commerce inventory can make or break a small business. This is why you need someone in your organization to own this responsibility. If your inventory is large and complicated, then you must outsource this detail to an outside inventory consultant, who can dedicate the time and perspective to see the big picture.


To create an e-commerce online store is the tricky task but to keep in mind about all these features and tips will help you to manage your e-commerce website and business in an adequate manner. This will help you to manage your website products and services in better and effective manner.

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