How to Improve Your Recruitment Process

Human resource is considered as one of the most valuable asset of any company. To recruit a right person on the board of your organization is indispensable for the success of the organization. The staffing industry in India is highly fragmented with varied streams of services such as sales, IT, management, engineering, finance, etc. The recruitment companies itself plays a vital role in the economic development of the countries all over the world as it affects the efficiency of the client's activities by taking care of its non-core HR activities. It helps the businesses to find the right people, for the right position, at the right time and location.

Process of Recruitment

With an increase in population and landscape of the organizations, the industries have increased numerous manifolds. Like other industries, the staffing agency is also not immune to change the takeovers in place of the external environment. Recruitment activities show the slow down due to slow economic growth. There are many challenges which are faced by the organizations due to discrepancies of the regulatory body and for this; the industries are being primarily recognized as unorganized. But before we throw some light on various ways to improve the process of recruitment, it is important to understand the criticality of the recruitment process and its importance for organizational growth & productivity.

What is the Recruitment Process?

In simple words, the process of recruitment is to analyze the job requirements and then finding the prospective candidate for that post, who are further encouraged and stimulated to apply for the job in an organization. This programme is designed to attract more and more applicants to select best out of them. It is the process to find and attract the potential resources to fill up the vacant position in an organization. It also sources the candidates with the abilities and attitude that is needed to achieve the objectives of an organization.

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process is also defined as the process to find out the jobs vacancies, to analyze the requirements for the job, to review the applicants, screening, short listing and finally selecting the right candidate for the right post. It is done to increase the efficacy and also it is recommended that the HR team of the organizations follows the best practices without any interruptions. To create a powerful resource base, this is the first and basic step. This process undergoes a systematic procedure which starts with sourcing and ends with selecting a candidate.

Benefits of Recruitment Process

In today's world of business, Recruitment has become the hugely competitive topic for every organization and for recruiting employees is even more drastic. For any job, it is uncommon to have 10+ applicants through the volume of data. Below are the benefits of the recruitment process:

How Is Recruitment Process Done?

The process of recruitment completely depends upon the company and what methods the company uses to find the applications to offer them a specific job role for employment. However, most of the company follows a formal process that is to recruit and hire new candidates soon. Before hiring an applicant for the job position, the company goes through 3 phases such as planning, recruitment & employee selection. HR planning is done when the company settles on the no of employees and they look the skill set of the employer. In this step, the company compares the requirements that are needed by the company to hire a candidate. The next phase is the recruitment phase, where the process of hiring takes place.

The company tries to reach a pool of candidates with the help of job posting, job referrals, advertising and many more. Candidates who respond to these measures come for the interview process and other methods of assessment, which depends upon each of the company’s norms. Employers may check the prospective if the employees and can also check the references as well. The third and the final phase the employee selection where the employer evaluates all the information about the pool of applicants generated during the recruitment. After this, company possesses the job role and offer letters to the candidates as their requirement. Since recruitment process not only involves resources, time & money, but also a lengthy  process so doing it properly is again very important and to improve your recruitment process here are few tips mentioned below:

Way to improve the recruitment process:

  1. Get The Brief Right

The specification of the job must be clearly defined while recruiting a candidate for your business in reference to the ideal candidate's technical skills, character, and the potential for development. This is an important matter for both i.e. the recruiter & the applicant to have clarity on the appropriate job specification and a clear understanding of what your business requires. After understanding the nature of the job it helps the recruiter in checking if the applicant can cope up with that kind of job role or not based on his/her behavior & attitude.

  1. Employer Branding

By the year 2013, the employer branding has created its own image, which states about the employee value proposition. Many researchers have suggested that candidates instantly decide to join the company with high EVP on any position be it a senior management or trainee because of its image in the market irrespective of the fact that they may not treat their employees well or offer low package etc.

Employers Branding

On the other end of the spectrum, small businesses with little employer branding struggle to hire good talent for their business, despite offering excellent pay and working conditions because no one knows who he or she is. Employer branding plays a vital role in the decision making process of a talented candidate about whether to join your company or not.

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  1. Talent Warehouse

Create your own talent warehouse which provides the key to reduce your recruitment costs by a significant margin. Keep in touch with those people who applied earlier but were not an exact fit for the role because of skills or qualification but with their attitude they shown to be a highly potential and good candidate for your company. Check in every now and again and make them feel a part of your organization. Next time you look for that role, you may not have to struggle much and they might become the right fit and accept your offer instantly.

  1. Effective Interviews

Remember that it is not only who are judging the candidate but they are also deciding on whether to go with your company or not so create a positive impression about your company. Use interview as a platform to create it a positive experience for both side. It is important to have an effective interview to understand the applicant & how fit he or she is for the role you are offering.

Don’t hesitate in asking various questions to the candidates during the interview process be it professional to understand his professional knowledge to judge how good or bad fit he is for the job role or about his personal aspirations or interests to get the understanding and clarity about his attitude and how will he deliver & perform in that job on various stages like high pressure.

  1. Train Your Recruiters:

Every organization works with a wide range of hiring managers with an equally wide range of interviewing skills. Sometimes it happens that the less experienced hiring managers ask the senior managers to interview alongside them and helps them to improve their interviewing skills. Train your recruiters on the set of questions which are need to be ask to get the clarity about the candidate’s professional competency, skills & attitude. Training helps in maintaining a standard and getting the optimum result you are looking forward.

  1. Right On-boarding Process

This is the first step towards talent retention. We must make sure that whenever there is a new joinee in our organization, they must be excited about doing so and their excitement should remain like this till the end of their first week. Once they join keep a track on them about how they are feeling in this new environment, are they looking any future with your company, are they have any growth plans with your company? This makes them feel valued to your organization and they decide to stay with your company for a long time.

To make sure he joins your company & stay with your company you need to keep a touch with him once you share the offer letter & they resign from their previous job, checking if the relieving process is happening smooth or not or if they have any problem & most importantly they are still on board with you to join your company & have not changed their mind. The new joinee must feel welcomed and sees it as a golden opportunity to work with your organization

  1. Mine Existing Employees To Get Future Talent

Nurturing your employees and making them ready for the future roles & responsibility is an important task but their network can also help you finding an excellent talent for your company. Check their referrals and networks, who know you get your next game changing player from their networking & information. Talk to them & explore their connections for future hiring.


Technology is a facilitator in changing the environment of today's business world, and a recruitment game, digital technologies all of these will continue to rule the HR toolkit design in the year 2018. However, to build the connections and relationships still needs the human touch that will remain evergreen and will never go out of fashion.

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