How to do Web Development with Python

The internet cuts across all walks of life for a long time. Of course, there are lots of successful companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter whose products are entirely web-based. But even traditional business requires a strong web presence, as stated by Marc Andreessen “software is eating the world”. Hence, there is no surprise that skilled web developers are in great demand. Among the world of programming languages, if there is one which has gained huge cult status in the shortest span of time, it’s none other than Python.

As per the research started in the year 2016, python was considered as one of the most popular coding languages that capture the largest share of programming area at a strong segment with 26% of Java, 9% of C++ completing significantly behind. Since 2003, Python has been ranked in the top 10 programming languages to learn and its ranking has been consistently improving ever since. In short, python language has become a central figure of programming and business world with the rise of Silicon Valley and Wall Street poster child: Fintech.

web development python

According to the statistics, python language for web development has become an essential part of the programming community, all thanks to its simplicity, robustness, flexibility, ease of use, compatibility, speed and versatility too. Furthermore, some of the tech giant like Instagram, Spotify and Google base is at least in part of their architecture in python. There are many valid reasons why python is considered as a most popular language, among which security is the topmost factor which is sought by digital-first approach trend assumed by a considerable portion of IT organization sectors.

Python is the most beautiful language which is easy to learn and fun and its syntax are clear and concise. This is the popular choice for beginners, yet still is powerful enough to back some of the world's most population application development system from companies like NASA, Cisco, Microsoft, Google, IBM, etc. One major area where this language shines is the web development. It offers many major frameworks to choose that includes Django, Flask, Pyramid, and web2py. These frameworks have been used to power some of the most popular websites like Mozilla, Reddit, Yelp, etc.

Reasons to choose Python for web development Framework

You can always create web applications with the help of scratch, but there are multiple reasons you would not want to. Below are the top 5 reasons why you should choose python language for the web development services:

  • Trustable

Popular python framework like pyramid and Django are used by organizations like Pinterest, Dropbox, Instagram, etc. in their web development. So, it is safe to say that these frameworks are able to handle almost everything that we throw onto them.

  • Hide complications

Web development framework are meant to hide and handle low-level details so that you as a developer, need not have to dig deep into how everything works when you are developing web-enabled applications.

  • Saves time

These frameworks have been designed by investing thousands of developers and testing hours. Therefore, building on top of it helps you to save your valuable time. By using Python frameworks, you can turn out to be life saver.

web development python

  • Security

One of the major and prominent advantages of using web frameworks as opposed to building something on your own is handling the security of your website. Since web frameworks have been used and backed by thousands, it handles security, preventing any misuse of web applications.

  • Efficient & Scalable

Good frameworks are built ensuring scalability from the very beginning of the development process. Therefore, whenever you are planning to scale your website by adding a new component or database, the web frameworks are more likely to scale better than what you have come up.

3 Major Frameworks of Python for web development

There are tons of python web frameworks and every framework has their own strengths and weakness too. Thus, it is important to evaluate your project requirements and pick one of the best frameworks as per your needs:

  • Django

Django is probably the most prominent python web framework and is aimed mostly for larger applications. It takes a “batteries-included” approach and contains all those things that are required for web development process with framework itself. Therefore, you need not have to handle things like database administrations, templating, routing, and authentication and so on. With fairly less coding structure, you can create great applications with the help of Django. If you are creating mid ranged web applicants, then to go with Django framework is the best option for you.

  • Pyramid

The pyramid is the most flexible python web framework and just like Django, it is best for mid-high scale applications. If you think Django brings too much bloat to your web applications, then use the pyramid. It does not force you to use a single solution for tasks, instead gives you a pluggable system to plug-in according to your project requirements. So, if you need to connect to the database for storage purpose, then you must do that yourself by using external libraries.

web development python

Frameworks of Python

  • Flask

Flask is the new kid in town and unlike pyramid and Django; it is micro-framework which is best suited for small-scale applications. Even if it is new, it has been integrated with great new features of other frameworks also. It also includes some of the frameworks like testing, built-in development server which enables you to create reliable and efficient web applications.

Advantages of Python

Let’s discuss the major advantages of python language for the web development process that will help you to get inflow with while creating your website:

  • Easy to learn

Try asking the programmers which programming language was the easiest to learn for them, and most of them will answer python. This language is best for the newbie’s and it is one of the easiest programming languages to incorporate into your web development strategy.

  • Building prototypes

The fact that Python lets you do more with less code also helps to build prototypes and ideas quickly. Ideation is often an overlooked aspect of web development and the ability to come up with its functionality at faster rates helps in decreasing time, saves money and satisfies clients.

  • Tons of resources

As a python developer, it is practically impossible to get stuck in rut with the number of resources which constantly keeps getting refreshed at the same time. It also helps to boost an extensive library with built-in functionality, which helps to explain why so many programs are written in python.

web development python

  • Fits in your budget

If you or your company requires building a product, then your choices of languages may ultimately boil down to the expertise or preferences. But, if you are running on budget and need a product rolled out right away, then choosing the language becomes more crucial.

  • Commodity of IoT

The advent of the internet of things (IoT) introduces uncountable opportunities for python programmers. Some of the major platforms like Raspberry Pi, allows developers to build their own existing devices like cameras, radios, phones and even games with the help of python and with ease.


Whether you select to adopt python or not depends upon many major factors. But, hopefully, a closer understanding of the aforementioned details about python for web development can help you to decide whether it would a perfect fit for your organization or your current and future needs or not.

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