Impact of 5G Network on Mobile Apps

The move from 3G to 4G was one small step for the technology, and now the transition from  4G to 5G represents a quantum leap in how network ecosystem will function further by the use of the 5G network. The move towards 5G network in the mobile application industry will reshape the world by creating new innovations and an enormous wellspring of opportunities for mobile industries and beyond.

The growth of social media, on-demand content marketing services and the development of smartphone market including more powerful devices with better functionality, have changed the habit of users and now communication requires being much better than ever.

The deployment of 5G network in mobile services presents certain advantages in terms of high security, speed, reliability, latency and energy which will allow the expansion of new markets and case uses, which are especially very important for its applications on the Internet of things (IoT).

The transformative technology has shown the interest in coming from not just business but also in the number of mobile subscription all over the world. This network will be 100 times faster than 4G technology with gigabit-per-second speed. There is no doubt to say that the next major step of telecommunication standards will be 5G which will be characterized by its high speed, latency, maximum output and profit that will move us towards life automation.

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The paradigm shift that 5G technology is poised to bring will be going to have a lasting effect across a number of industries in ways that are going to open the doors of innovation and transformation to an extent. Looking at the potentialities that 5G technology comes with power and it will be naïve to call it just a network, 5G will be underlying the fabric for an entire ecosystem which is made of completely connected devices and is capable to move and overhaul the business and economic policies.

As per the recent reports, by the year 2020, Wi-Fi and cellular networks will only satisfy the 81% of mobile and content traffic demands so to deal with the consequences, cellular companies like T-Mobile, Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia, Cisco Vodafone or China Mobile are working right now towards the development of 5G. With the use of 5G technology, the application which now takes a minute to download will be available just in seconds. Billions of smart objects and devices will be connected because the possibilities for mobile app development will be on a huge scale.

5 Ways to Prepare your Mobile Apps for 5G Network

Now, that you understand the impact of 5G network on mobile apps and its impact for your organization, it is time to take a closer look at some of the ways for which you can prosper your mobile application for its arrival as:

  • Ambient computing

The ambiance is the idea with which the surrounding environment or atmosphere is involved. With an increase in the power of 5G, ambient computing through wireless networks is now a possibility. It involves digital user experience which occurs or blends into the surrounding environment and conditions that can facilitate and measure to a variety of senior, devices, and technologies.

  • Reliable Interactivity

Development for the present generation of wireless technologies revolves around the several practices that deal with the slow nature of current wireless technologies. Due to this, the developers have to work in waiting periods for each of their apps with a download process. Even many of them recommend for connecting and performing this process with the help of Wi-Fi only.

  • More devices

Internet of Things (IoT) is the hugely popular segment of the tech market for a variety of reasons. More aware, more connected devices are smarter and more capable which helps consumers to buy-in variety of technologies such as smart home gadgets, wearable devices and wearable sensors that will tap in and take advantage of these new devices.

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  • AI & Machine Learning

Driverless vehicles will connect wirelessly to a remote network for accessing a massive quantity of data, that includes processing from artificial intelligence and machine learning platforms which will be made on the fly-decisions. You can also look at the scenario of why machine learning and AI Platforms can take benefit of an open connection and reliable wireless support.

  • Cloud Technology

The idea of software as service has largely remained accessible on desktop and full-size computers because more often than not they have access to a continuous and reliable internet connection. There are many mobile apps and services which placate this idea on mobile, but it is not as rampant or accepted.

Which Industries will benefit most by 5G Network?

It is not extravagant to say that the 5th generation of the network for the mobile development platform will enable the industrial revolution too. Below are some of the industries that will have a great impact on a 5G network:

  • Healthcare Industry

Medicine and healthcare industry are traditionally slow to embrace the new technology which will bring options to relieve pressure on hospital resources, give greater control over assets, offer new methods for delivering training, providing technological support for mental health and thus allowing the people to access more services faster at vastly reduced cost.

  • Logistics Industry

The ultra-fast 5G network with extremely low latency allows the vehicles to communicate with its environment in almost real time. This will allow the vehicle to dynamically adjust and react to its changing environment. The major benefit through it will be, of course, fewer accidents and road deaths and hence it leads to a better and safer future in logistics and shipping industry.

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  • Manufacturing Industry

About 50% of the flex manufacturing industry process is now fully automated. This allows for a superior level of accuracy and productivity beyond human ability. Most of the automation is used for work that would be considered as unsafe, impossible or tedious tasks for humans because automation tasks tend to be specific.

  • AR/ VR Industry

Remember the time when AR/VR was used to be a tremendous hot topic. Now, the users will see the advent of virtual reality and the future of augmented reality in almost all phases of life around. From attending a live event in Los Angles while being at home in Canada to see the history of every room and turn the monument, the AR/VR technology services will now finally go mainstream with 5G.

What Do 5G means for Mobile Apps?

 In simple words, a 5G network for mobile app defines the following specialties that will uncover the productivity of your business as:

  • Great Speed

The high download speed tagged with 5G technology will not just make it easier for the users to download the apps that they need in few seconds but also, how much MB size of your app is will be affected too. Apart from taking the advantages in terms of high-speed downloads, the speed factor seen in mobile apps with 5G will also come in handy for mobile app marketers who are relying on in-app download based monetization plans.

  • Faster file transfer

With the help of a 5G network, great speed comes with the faster transfer of files, money or simply anything transferable. The power of 490 MBPS browsing speed and 100 MBPS download speed ripples down to speedier file transfer. The revolution which 5G mobile apps will be going to bring in the file transfer feature is going to be advanced in a number of mobile apps categories which have based their business model around from one account to another.

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  • Low to zero latency

There is nothing more important for a mobile app user than an app which takes ages to respond to their one action. Latency is something which the mobile app development company economy is not a stranger to and victim of. But with the help of 5G technology in mobile apps, the time it takes to react to the users prompt become even faster than real time. An event which comes in very handy in AR/VR based mobile apps.

  • Great User Experience

To improve the user experience to a huge extent, one of the biggest perks of high 5G internet speed is clarity. You must have noticed the difference between watching video on 2G, 3G, 4G networks or hearing music on the same networks. It is only going to advance now with the help of a 5G network. The effect of pp UI gets elevated to a very huge extent when used or highly streamed on 5G networks or technology.


Whether a 5G technology utopia comes next year or sometime in the 2020s, now is the time for developers to start imagining the possibilities which it might enable. Understanding the 5G and its applications are must and should be high on your company’s priority list that will leverage your company’s potential for building mobile app development services standards further.

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