Importance of Guest Posting for SEO

The digital marketing firms acknowledge the fact that content marketing is the major factor which contributes in the success of SEO. If you are looking to get good results from your SEO campaign, then content marketing plays an important role to engage you effectively. While planning an effective SEO strategy for your company you need to consider the guest posting too. The guest posting is riding high and the entire Internet marketing sphere is buzzing with talk about it. Some of the people considers the guest blogging to be the most powerful tactic available in the SEO, while some disparage this viewpoint, and says that guest posting is highly misunderstood and people are misusing it in SEO. But, there are still many bloggers who consider the guest posting a waste of time and strength. According to the Louis Gudema, guest posting has been always a critical topic for the success of SEO, even despite the low rates of referral traffic.

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Guest Posting in SEO

You people have probably heard the rumored news that is the guest posting is no longer a viable option to improve your search engine rankings. You may have also heard from some businesses that the organizations that use blogging for SEO are being penalized and no one should ever participate in the several practices, ever again. However, if do a quick search on guest posting for the year 2016, a completely different story starts to emerge. You may see the tiles like: “Guest posting- Not Just a Good Strategy in 2016” and so on. According to the folks, the high ranking blog post is typically around 1,149 words longer and they contain 10 links total (approx). Brian Dean believes that your guest post should work best when you contribute to the big name publications.

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There are several reasons that describe about the need and importance of guest posting in SEO as follows:

  • Creating Relationship

By posting blogs on another organization, you can create a relationship between the two organizations and by keeping this in mind, the links can be added and you can create avenue for potential traffic to your site. It will also help you create a site which people want to read at their leisure.

  • Regular Posting

Consistency is the key to everything in life and it is no exception to content and digital marketing. You must keep regular posting on your site to keep your users connected with you. If the user visit to your website and finds the outdated content over there, they may bounce back instantly and find something better for their reference.


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  • Comments

This is often overlooked the blogger, as they feel it is unproductive, yet to reply to comment can be the onset of healthy discussion. You can create a great establishment with your users to get connected for long-term. In addition to it, the comment tells the reader to think about the piece of your site.

  • Link Building

To build a healthy collection of backlinks is important for any SEO campaign, and one has all the opportunity to add relevant links. The links must be placed in the guest post in such a manner that Google can easily recognize them as a part of relevant linking.

  • Targeting Information

If your industry is rather specialized, then you can hire an SEO company which would be able to create in-depth blogs that are written by experts. This is an excellent way to know what topics you have to be specific for.

What is Guest Posting for SEO?

Guest posting is also called as guest blogging which is the practice to contribute a post to another person’s blog so that you can build a relationship, exposure, links and the authority. As we know that, links are the primary ranking factors in Google and the guest posting as part of SEO campaign offers a strong opportunity to secure a link back from another website. It establishes a relationship with the blogger to host your post, taps into their audience for additional exposure and also help you to establish authority within an audience. Most of the bloggers are interested in publishing the high-quality content for the blogs which they can use to attract the new readers as well as share with a current audience.

Benefits of Guest Posting For SEO

Contrary to the popular perception, the guest posting actually benefits you in many ways than one. Some of the effective benefits of guest posting in SEO are described as below:

benefit of guest post

  • Link building
  • Social Networking
  • Curate Traffic
  • Public Relations & Branding
  • Build Domain & Search Engine Authority
  • Online Influence
  • Improves your Writing

Rules & Regulations for Guest Post

While doing a guest posting, you must follow some rules and regulations that help you to get better results on your website or business. They are as follows:

  • Your post must be original that means, it should not be published before anywhere, it must be fresh and new content.
  • The post should not be about an affiliate program or the affiliate product or a plug for an organization. There must be no reviews.
  • You must not submit the generic post on theory. Your post must be informative and usable. Otherwise, your post will be trashed immediately without warning.

Major Sites for Guest Posting

The guest posting is not just about the getting backlinks, it is an opportunity for us to target a new audience and get connected with them for long period of time, increase subscribers, grow your online audience and also to build relationships with niche influencer. It can benefit us if we do it in a right way. It is not the game that every user can play, but to play well and win the game, you would require proper knowledge & expertise. Many companies hire professional digital marketing agencies to manage their digital marketing & SEO campaigns to deliver desirable results.

major guest post site Major sites of Guest Posting

The first thing is that you must determine the purpose of your guest blog that is why you need to publish that guest post on the website. The second thing is that to find the guest posting opportunities as not every site accept the guest post only a few do. Some of the top major websites which accept the guest post are: Forbes, Tech Gadgets, The Guardians, Mashable, Business Insider, Fast Company, Hubspot, Venture Beat, Moz, Tech Crunch. These are one of the renowned names in guest posting websites. Since they have a very niche and segmented users so they charge money for guest posting. This SEO service is not free but the results are definitely worth the pay.

Ways to Approach for Guest Posting

To approach a blog for the guest post is not difficult. There are many blogs who have a contact form, and some even have an invitation to blog for us. But, before approaching a blog for the guest post, you must satisfy the following criteria as:

  • Do some Researching

It does not give a personal touch & feel or connection when you send an email that begins with “Greeting Webmaster”, or “To whom it may concern” etc. If you spent 2 minutes of yours to check out the blogs, you will find plenty of things about the author or in the author box. To address people with their name in your email will leave a better impression and give a personal touch and will just take a little extra effort from your side.

  • Don’t be phony

If you are freelancer or search engine marketing agency, just say so, do not contact by saying you are a blogger under a guise of wanting to guest post for the source. If you are working for a client, then you must ask them before what you will write or whatever they need to be getting posted on their website. To contact the particular blogger or author, you can take their email ID for their personal contact details for further assistance.

  • Support your Guest Post

People appreciate those writers with whom they keep in contact with and are the ones who reply to every comment made on their article and help to promote it on their own blogs and also through the social media. You must always support your guest post to make people get connected to it.

ways of guest post

Ways of Guest Posting

  • Follow Up

It is always nice to thank a user after publishing a guest post. The same goes for every blogger, the blog host as it is the good etiquette to notify the guest writer when their article gets published and to thank them for their efforts. You must always show an encouraging gratitude towards the blogger and appreciate their hard work.

  • Relevance

If you are already blogging, then you must know your audience well. You can also get the feel for the audience of other blogs by reading there few articles. Your guest post must not compromise your own goals. Therefore, you must try to target blogs in which there is an overlap between your audience and theirs.


Guest posting is said to be dead for SEO, but it’s a big “NO”, it is still an effective strategy even from the perspective of SEO & digital marketing. Guest posting helps you to reach to your audience and get connected with them for a longer period of time. To post on authoritative sites in your niches that remain an excellent way to increase your visibility, traffic and yes, even to your search engine rankings.

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