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The web development has changed drastically throughout the year. After undergoing continuous changes, the software development companies have reached a stage where they know how to attract the customers in the right way. The demand for software developers is nothing new as the developers were always in demand for generating new technological services. But, 2018 is different where we see some of this decade’s most exciting technologies that will become commercially viable and finally reach to the mainstream. We will be going to see new forms of immersive entertainment, inanimate objects that will come alive to give a feel for real-world objects.

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Software Development Process

With the change in time, the new methods and technology are to be acquired in order to stay with the flow of competitive business in the market. Something that was all rage and hot discussion topic for every business might not even is talked now or in coming years. This is all because of advancement in technology due to which things get changed and fade away rapidly. The year 2017 witnessed some of the great breakthroughs in the field of web development services and 2018 had already whispered the emergence of trends in custom software development services that range from augmented, virtual, mixed reality, artificial intelligence, the blockchain, etc.

By the year 2018, for developers it will be definitely a year for new opportunities while copying the pressure to do more with higher quality. Below are given some of the latest software development trends that will create a new road in upcoming years. They are described as below:

  • Blockchain

Beyond digital currency, the blockchain development services are poised to revolutionize nearly every industry. There are many legacy technology companies which have introduced their own blockchain platforms. Due to the Bitcoin revolution, this technology has gained huge popularity in the markets. The Blockchain development solutions have been rapidly adopted by industries and companies to foresee their business at the success level.

BlockChain Technology

It describes enabling peer to peer networks of interconnected devices which stores data rather than relying upon central computers and defined locations. According to the figures, there were only 5000 full-time blockchain developers in the world but it has increased since 2017 and will be continuing this increase in number in upcoming years.

  • Deployment & Integration

Custom software development formula will extensively reach the level of speeds in 2018 that is led by the giants like Amazon who allegedly deploys new codes every 11.7 seconds. Not every business needs to be that fast, but the continuous deployment provides several advantages take becomes table stakes in competitive software niches.

Additionally, the integration and deployment of continuous delivery help the teams to stay on track with building software which their customers need. Continuous delivery requires a number of tools to function and maintain the decorum of speeding up the rate of deployment which includes build server, monitoring tools, code management platforms etc.

  • Web Apps

The progressive web apps are a website or web pages which look or act like conventional apps or native mobile applications. The progressive web application development can be defined as the web applications that are web pages or the websites, but they act like traditional applications. These website development services combine the factors offered by most modern browser with the benefits of mobile application experiences.

web apps

Progressive Web Apps

In 2017, the progressive web apps were part of Gartner's software technology trends and in the year 2018, there were reasons that believe the growth of web-based solutions will grow even more. The web apps will contribute to a significant share of the market as compared to mobile apps in long term. These apps are easier to develop and maintain than regular mobile application development.

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Wearables like apple watch and Fitbit are the most attentional products, but they are merely a niche in the vast IoT ecosystem. From cars to roads, the deep sea's oil rings to living rooms, nearly everything turns into a data collecting devices. Either a fitness or healthcare industry to manufacturing & retail industry, everyone is quite excited about the possibilities that the internet of things will present.

vigilance of software developers

Thus, the demand for the vigilance of software developers to allow them to figure out how the program, devices can best assist the users in controlling them. As edge computing becomes the priority, database and network engineers to create the infrastructure of IoT future will be called upon. The developers will be focusing on creating the applications which allow seamless controlling from any location.

  • Cyber security

With a focus on Wannacry, Uber, national security agency, 2017 has been an awful year for keeping the private and confidential information on the web. Its initiatives can be divided into two categories i.e. internal and external. Internal focus on business to build security into their software helps them to ensure the vulnerabilities during deployment.

External ventures the capitalists that are flooding with cybersecurity startups with capitals to tune $3.4 billion in 2016. According to CrunchBase, currently there are 5 cybersecurity startups worth over $1B and they will be emerging more in 2018. It is found in a study that 45% of the organizations say that they a problematic shortage of cybersecurity talent.

  • Artificial Intelligence

As is now, it is estimated that more than 40% of the businesses have adopted the artificial intelligence to automate their processes. They are been integrated with AI-driven solutions to perform the specific tasks to stay ahead in this competitive market and thus provide the better service experience to their customers.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

By integrating the AI solutions to execute specific tasks, these businesses will gain the competitive edge and provide the higher quality of service experience. Forrester predicts that AI will blur the boundaries and about 50% of the CDO’s will start to report over 13% of the data related jobs. AI will most likely have the consequences to reach beyond the businesses.

  • Virtual Reality

Analysts estimated that less than 1 million units have been sold out between the VR development services and software technology systems. Both the system, however, is making the big moves to expand in the market by the year 2018.

virtual reality

In 2018, the different organizations will explore the possibilities of building immersive experience to pass a huge amount of information to the users to benefit their day-to-day lives for communication, and productivity. We will come to see a more new trend in 2018 and the upcoming years in the field of virtual reality.

  • Low Code Development

The low code development is overtaking the conventional of waterfall app development because the latter is a labor-intensive endeavor. With the help of low code development, the tedious repetitive development tasks are automated to make team disappear for the need for a technical analyst or development. Some of the best platforms are Medix, Google app maker, etc.

legacy applications

In addition to it, according to the studies of WaveMaker, the top use of low code development include the business process managing applications, database managing applications, omni-channel platforms, micro services based applications and the recreation of recreating legacy applications into the modern technology ones.

Research & Stats for Software Development Trends

Software development services evolve the super fast trends in today's competitive environment. A tool or a framework which might be used today can be absolute tomorrow. Therefore, the intention of every business must be to take a snapshot of the industry, and track how it evolved in the past and make an educated guess as to where it is heading. The biggest challenge which tech companies usually face is related with the capacity: while the backlog is full and capacity is quite limited, they must deliver working software. This is closely followed by hiring, attracting, and retaining the talents, which is again the second biggest challenge that the team face. When companies lack talents, then a hands-on way to overcome this challenge is to outsource software development services.futrure of latest trend blog

Actually, 52.5% of the respondent says that the custom software solutions have been fully or partly being already outsourced. The tech and trends of programming languages used in custom software development services have been growing at 60.73% of the users use JavaScript language, 30.03% uses the python and 25.41% are using other. Making a business in a turbulent market is always a risky and challenging trick. According to the research, the spending on product development services will account for $481.8 billion by the year2020, which is almost 13% of the total IT worldwide spending. It is hardly surprising that a number of internet connected devices are ratcheting up and it is expected to outreach 30 billion by 2020 and 75 billion by 2025, compared to just 15 billion appliances 2 years ago.


There is nothing but the opportunities for the developers in upcoming years to develop the software trends with latest technology. Most of the software development companies have adopted these new trends and requires more than just a basic programming knowledge, but it’s never too late to add some additional competencies in your activities to get best outcome for your business.

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