Top Common Mistakes in E commerce Design

Having a poor design website effects your business to such extent that you lose the customers and your money is out the door. Unfortunately, this occurs most often with an alarming frequency. There are tons of mistakes that retailers make on an daily basis, all of them are avoidable with little careful planning. In 2018, your web design will make or break your organization's goals. Not just the way it looks but the way your website functions and the ease in which the visitors can navigate it are also on the table. In fact, you have only 10 seconds to leave an impression or after this limited time (not you) they will leave your site. E-commerce website development has become the showstoppers of the online trends. There is a huge market out who are providing e-commerce solutions and are helping their customers to reach their goals. As users we are flooded with numerous options, it is a difficult challenge for the retailers to immerse the buyers with meaningful experiences so that they should not drop off the midway.

Mistakes in E commerce Design

With the recent urge towards mobile browsing and cool new design like parallax scrolling, the web has seen millions of websites receiving facelifts over the past few years. This has also led to a lot of bad web design choices which prevents consumers from fully connecting with the brands. From an unattractive homepage to weaker content, poor navigation, and countless errors, there are a huge number of things that the average website requires to improve. In the world of e-commerce web design development, the designing is the vehicle which helps in your brand messaging and representing your awesome products and services. The quality user experience is quite responsible to define an easy purchasing process and ultimately portrays the legitimacy to your customers. All this can be the primary factor to create a positive shopping experience that will lead to higher sales and establishment of customer’s loyalty. Web design is defined as combine form and function in such a way that makes a website enjoyable, navigable, interesting and easily usable for every user.

Below are the most common mistakes that are made using designing e-commerce website which you all must be aware while designing the website for your business productivity as:

  • Lack of Product Information

When you are doing shopping in a brick-and-mortar store, then you have the benefit of being able to pick up an item, feel it, look at it from each and every angle and can also read any information on the packaging and labels. Shopping in online mode eliminates that interaction. E-commerce website is required to do the best that they can help to improve the in-store shopping experience.

Mistakes in E commerce Design

The only solution to this is to provide as much information about the product as you can. The sizes, material, weight, dimensions and any other pertinent information generally depends upon what the product is. Therefore, use descriptive words rather than simple technical terms because they have greater impact on the customer.

  • Hiding Contact Information

On every page of your website, you must place contact information in an easy to find area. The most obvious places to put your contact information are either in your header section of the website or on the top sidebar or can also place in the footer of your website. You must also provide multiple means of communication, if possible like contact no, email, etc.

Mistakes in E commerce Design

Hiding Contact Information


Contact form, mailing address, phone number and mailing address all adds a level of trust in your customers. You must always remember that the more is the experience or technical the product that you are selling, the more will likely a consumer is going to need more contact information from your website to contact you.

  • Long Checkout Process

This is one of the most damaging mistakes that often occur while creating an e-commerce website. You have to make it quite easy as possible as you can so that your customers can hand over their credit information and complete their order. The more steps you put between them by placing an item in their cart and payment, the more will be the chances of them to leave the site without purchase.

Mistakes in E commerce Design

Long Checkout Process

The ideal checkout process must include a single page for the consumers for checking their orders and entering into their billing and shipping information and confirmation page before they submit their order. Anything more than that is only an obstacle which refrains them to complete the process of checkout session.

  • Requiring Account to Order

This ties in directly to the previous item. If you need a customer to sign up for an account before they can place an order, then it is another bad obstacle which you have placed in their path. Which is more important to you is getting the order or capturing the information of the customer? Remember that the second option may lead to losing some valuable customers.

Mistakes in E commerce Design

Requiring Account to Order

There is an easy fix for this, instead of asking the customers to signup an account before they make a purchase or an order, offer them the option at the end of their ordering process. Give them the option to save the information on their account to take place the future orders in an easier manner or to track the status of their current order.

  • Inadequate Search Engine

If the customer knows about what they are exactly searching for, then many will opt to use a search engine instead of sifting through the categories and filters. You must make sure that the search features on your website works well and must have filters for letting customers refine their results. You must include a manner for customers to filter their search results by category to eliminate this problem.

Mistakes in E commerce Design

You must make sure that the e-commerce software that you are using has a good inbuilt search engine or look for a plugin to extend its functionality. Ideally, an e-commerce search engine must let the users search by keyword and then they must refine the result which is based on the categories which your website includes.

  • Lack of Payment Options

There are a number of websites out there which only allow the users to pay with Visa or MasterCard or only to pay with PayPal account. There is no reason for this anymore. But what about that person who does not have a credit card, Mastercard and wants to pay straightly from their Bank account? For this reason, you must provide a number of payment options to optimize the no. of orders you get.

Mistakes in E commerce Design

Lack of Payment Option

You must use the payment service which lets customers pay with each major credit card, and also with an electronic check. By adding Paypal checkout option also increases the choices that your customers have, by making them more likely to purchase from you. You must consider different consumers have different preferences when it comes to making online payments.

  • Not Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendliness matters a lot to design a creative website. Around 79% of the people bounce back and search for another site if they don't find the information they are seeking instantly and since currently, more than 40% of the searches happen through mobile instead of desktop or tablets (and the figure is growing continuously) so it is obvious that you will lose a huge chunk of your visitors or potential customers if your site is not mobile friendly. By not having a mobile-friendly site is one of the common website mistakes and is one problem that you need to solve ASAP.

Mistakes in E commerce Design

50% of the people said that even if they like a business, they will use them less often if the website is not mobile friendly. Around 61% of the people say that if they did not find what they were looking for right away on a mobile site, then they’d quickly move on to another website. Only 9% of the users will stay on the mobile site or app if it does not satisfy their needs.


Some of the common mistakes of ecommerce web design development may only impact your conversion by a very small percentage, maybe less but others can significantly inhibit the conversions and can cost you a great deal of revenue. Never think that just a 0.5% or 1% conversion loss in your website and isn’t a big deal because, in reality, it can cost you way more than you estimate. So it is important to make your ecommerce website designed professionally, keeping all technical & non-technical points into account.

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