What is better Staff Augmentation vs. Consulting Services

Basically, the staff augmentation is a simple hiring in a rate of one developer to the complete fully equipped team into the in-house office. The only difference is that unlike simple hiring, the staff augmentation recons only a temporary use of the resources, analogically to the outsourcing. The question may arise in your mind “why staff augmentation? “Why not to hire a few more people for the project on a permanent basis? The simple answer to this question is that you won't need additional staff permanently. You will require the highly qualified and narrowly aimed professionals for the work to be done and can improve that part which you have already done but for sometimes. The continued growth in staff augmentation platform is due to a number of market factors which include a profusion of professionals, steadily declining rates and corporate policies restricting hiring.

 staff augmentation and conulting service

Below are some of the key advantages of staff augmentation that makes it entirely different from consulting services and gives a clear cut to the users to choose the best as:

  • Cost-effectiveness

With the help of staff augmentation, you pay only for the required work when you need it for the expected skills at the perfect time.

  • Flexibility

Staying flexible in the business is sometimes even more crucial than staying powerful. The adaptability is the great feature which helps to reach the top lines in your organization area.

  • Control

With the augmented staff, which is elementary to maintaining the full control of all aspects of the projects development, the project managers can simply monitor who is allocated to the crucial work, and who is allocated to the minor work and who is working on the critical issues.

staff augmentation and conulting service

  • Lower risk

One of the common aspects of the software development process is with high-risk concentration if full outsourcing. Giving all the responsibility for the development to the outsourcer, you can lower the control and status monitoring almost to the very end of the development.

  • Counteracting attrition

The latest reports have demonstrated that up to 50% of the IT specialists are ready to work and look for another employer as the economy improves. As the attrition in IT sphere is inevitable during the economic upturn, the augmented staff will help you to fill the needs of your software developers.

On the other hand, the consulting also called as “managed services” is the permanent control, feedback and high level of organization adaption. This is very complex services which imply external control of the one company’s non-profile system. Through these services client’s look beyond the traditional outsourcing criteria or hiring for short-term contractual staff to get the long-term benefits which they expect from the solutions partner. These are the extra help which will save your day and with the help of managed services or consulting services you will be free from necessary, but time-consuming tasks.

staff augmentation and conulting service

You will be free for focusing on the right people and resources on the perfect thing and your strategic initiates will fall into the place all while increasing the efficiency and productivity. These services deliver more in the way of cost savings basis which relatively rises as the business grow and the services expand and significantly decreased when further augmenting staff numbers are involved.

Let’s learn some advantages of consulting services by which you can get a clear vision about this service:

  • Time Saving

The first and main purpose of the consulting services is saving the time of their clients. Having available resources will relieve the client company from excessive time and finance expenses.

  • Contral

The consulting services would not be managed if won’t imply the control and monitoring and that is not only about software but also creating business idea directly.

staff augmentation and conulting service

  • Financial simplicity

Standard services provide by the vendors are preliminarily formed in the complex situation, which also has a preliminary formed price.

  • Manageable Infrastructure

By taking the full responsibility for the execution, the consulting services are also responsible for the process of management.

What to choose as a part of your staffing agency:  Staff Augmentation vs. Consulting

As the world seems to be spin faster and the pace of change increases, it can become very difficult for the hiring & managing the talent to suffice the present and future needs of the organization. According to the research conducted by Jon Younger demonstrated that few companies adopted the agile talent as the entire workforce strategy, and that most companies use staff augmentation as the strategic option when they face fast-changing and higher priority needs. Full-time staff is already working overtime and a new project must be implemented. Therefore, the project management staff is required to develop and implements a plan to create a smooth handoff to the regular staff within 6 to 12 months. The consulting services, on the other hand, include pay only for the actual use of the services, increased performance, optimized value add the use of the internal resources, reduced risk due to business volatility, etc.

staff augmentation and conulting service

For most of the organization, there is no versatile approach to the project sourcing. Some of the needs are better to execute with the staff augmentation and the other ones with the consulting services and sometimes there can be even some combination of the approaches. When you choose a vendor, then you may not only choose better one among the staff augmentation and consulting services but must take both the methods into consideration and even if you cannot choose the one between both of them, you may combine the decision. Both of these services can fill a valuable role in your strategic staffing and consulting strategy. Like all projects, the success relied on thorough needs analysis, the design of the solution customized to your organization needs and careful implementation and evaluation. The consulting firms lend valuable expertise and thus provide the advice and guidance in many specialized areas of business.

Factors to Determine which is better: Consulting vs. Staff Augmentation

Are you looking for higher level consulting in the form of strategic thinker who can actually assume the lead role in the overall direction of the project? Then, you must determine the several factors given below to take the right decision among staff augmentation and consulting services as:

  • Know your people

You cannot determine what type of external implementation you require without first assessing the talent of your internal team, their strength, and their weakness and also evaluating resources from other departments which may be available to you.

  • Consider the firms

Depending upon the specifics of your projects, you have the choice of engaging a traditional consulting firm who will run the complete project, provide vision and expertise and supervise in day to day work with defined deliverables.

  • Analyze the budget

The funds which are allocated to your projects can certainly be a daunting factor when you determine the type of resource to bring in. Furthermore, you may need to bring in an additional 30 people for the project, to accommodate the budget effectively.

staff augmentation and conulting service

  • Think about backfilling

If you have the employees who have expertise and experience for providing value-added consulting and leadership for your project, then you are willing to backfill, which would help you to get a clearer picture of how to move further.

  • Understand the market

Making yourself familiar with the available talent pool can have a significant impact on your resourcing conclusions. Talk to your staffing agency and have an open dialogue to educating yourself on the market.


The choice of a suitable model can be a little difficult for people like us. While some companies feel comfortable in choosing the staff augmentation services, some prefer consulting. So, which model is better either a staff augmentation service or consulting services is up to you to decide. Despite the models are quite similar, their function remains contrasting and so you have to make a decision considering your business requirements & functions of both the models and how it will suit your current business need.

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