What is the Best CRM Software for Small Businesses

Businesses are increasingly challenging, especially for small teams who are trying to keep up with the big competitors. You might not be able to match them on price or get your products marketed on a larger scale but you can certainly get advantage in the competition if you can give your customers more of a personal touch. You may not have millions of customers but you may have a thousand true fans instead and those fans require the personal attention which a small team like yours can offer them. But in order to do so you need efficient CRM software. With the help of the small team and limited budget, you require a tool which can be efficiently helpful for you to track all your customer's details and personalize your interactions with them. The CRM software organizes and tries to make a sense of all these disparate data in order to extract the helpful information which can show opportunities and can be used to create sales funnel as well carry out sales and marketing campaigns.

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Small business CRM software development services usually integrate and automate sales, marketing and customer support functions of an organization. Small business CRM software has a dashboard which gives an overall view of three functions on a single page for each customer which a company may have. The dashboard may deliver client information, past sales, previous marketing efforts and many more to summarize all of the relationships between the customers and the firm. Customer relationship management in a small organization can be a difficult task especially if you do not have the right tools to perform the tasks. There are many businesses who conduct their CRM activities actually manually which lead to a lot of inefficiencies. But, the good news is that there are still some software’s of CRM which has been developed to address the requirements of small businesses. Thus, your small enterprise need not have to suffer from manual and long process anymore. Startups and small businesses look at the CRM products and services to handle their increasing list of customer contacts and make sure invaluable leads are accounted for.

Why Do Small Business Need CRM Software?

In the early days of your business, your customers and contacts consisted of people whom you know personally. So you do not require a system or tool for managing their information. But as your organization increases, you get more customers and hire more employees. To manage customer’s information across spreadsheet, sticky notes, notepad, and memories are not going to work anymore. You require a system which helps to organize and maintain your entire customer’s data in one place.

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Why CRM for Small Business

Every organization has their unique needs, there are some things that their team needs from CRM software implementation. This is what makes it tough to say one solution is best for everyone, especially in a crowded field like CRM. Some of them might require a CRM with more of a focus on deals, while others need one that focuses more on tiny customer details.

There are several reasons why small business has more market demand for CRM software development services for their organization to increase the sales, productivity and ROI of their business as:

  • Budget Friendly

Price is always an important factor, especially to small business when it comes to buying. Each CRM we choose is priced on the lower end of the spectrum with extra points given to those with the solid free version.

  • Easy to Learn & Use

You do not have time to learn a complex system or resources for the dedicated team for managing software. The CRM chosen do not need you to hire a CRM guru in order to be more effective and are easy for your team to learn and use.

  • Customizable

You do not need to track every interaction and piece of data. Data is good, but too much of data can be as much problematic as too little. These CRM systems are ideal for a wide range of uses and adaptable to the often changing requirements of small businesses.

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  • Plays well with others

Good CRM software should never function as an island, especially critical in a small business where the resources are quite limited to some extent. These CRMs work well with numerous other business software, making them as useful as possible to small businesses.

  • Flexible

While the larger organizations have the luxury of a clear distinction between various roles and department, small business need to be more flexible. Your customer support team, marketing team, and the salesperson may all be pulling from the same database, so you need to make sure that the CRM you have selected is useful to more than just your salespeople.

  • Scalable

While you need something that is simple to use and do not cost an arm and leg, you also do not want to be scrambling to find the new CRM if you experience that hoped for growth over the next few years.

What is CRM Software for Small Business?

CRM software for the small organization can be looked at as a sales tool which is meant to convert customer contacts into buyers. The small organizations can easily collect contact and generate leads but the main issue arises when it comes to determining what to do with the leads. This is where the CRM system comes into play. The system offers an organized and consistent process of converting leads into the sales. This process can also be referred to as building customer relationships. Ideally, a good CRM system must assist small business to automate their lead lists, sales pipeline, follow-ups as well as sales forecast. There are several fields which play the biggest role to maximize the productivity of CRM software for small businesses as:

  • Sales & Marketing

CRM sales and marketing software creates a new task, manage appointments calendar and automate everything from telephony to follow up emails. It also helps with complete contract views, deal tracks, lead scoring, alerts, and analytics.

  • Contact management

The organizations have different units such as sales, marketing, customer service, and customer communication. All these units give direct contact with different clients at the time of their operations and help to store the customer’s information.

  • Interaction Tracking

The software helps to maintain a detailed record of all the conversation which is held with the clients be it via phone, live chat, emails or in person. The data which is collected from these interactions helps business to identify the areas which need improvement as well as understand what the customers really need.

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  • Workflow automation

The feature is particularly important if your staff is more engaged in repetitive tasks or the business highly stays on template tasks. The system helps to enable one to standardize and automate the business processes such as calendars, tasks list, templates.

  • Email Campaigns

You can create, launch, and track email campaigns which enables one to highlight new products as well as promote your brand. These features are more useful for the organizations which mostly rely on customer retention such as online shops and restaurants.

Why Tekshapers Sales CRM is the Best Choice?

Tekshapers Sales CRM was built from the ground up to be ready for the modern world. Intuitive and automatic where other systems are quite complicated and manual, Tekshapers sales CRM software takes care of all the little  things and details- like logging emails, notifications, and feedback, lead management, contact management, company management, tracking all sales activities, invoice generator, etc. It regularly ranks as one of the best CRM software products for small businesses. Below are some of the vital reasons that will help you to get clear answer of your question, why Tekshapers Sales CRM software is the best choice?

  • Tracking sales activity

Tekshapers Sales CRM software helps in tracking all the activities performed at the time of sales. All the sales activities can be easily tracked and kept at one place for the convenience.

  • Company Management

Tekshapers Sales CRM helps to manage all the records, data, private and confidential information of the organization and stores it in one place.

  • Lead management

Tekshapers Sales CRM software also helps to generate the leads which will result in the productivity of the organization and maximum ROI growth of the entire company.

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  • Tasks management

Tekshapers Sales CRM software helps to manage the tasks which are assigned to each employee. We can track all the details of the tasks assigned to an individual person.

  • Invoice management

After the sales have been done, we can generate the invoice of that particular sales and all this is done with the help of CRM software.


For small organizations, CRM software plays a crucial role to develop and maintain all the records and keep the data confidential of the organization. It plays its better use and function in the small organization more, because they have a small budget and more workload so each and every task can be performed in a quick manner rather than doing it manually.

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