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With the wide range of popularity and advancement in technology, it is prominent for every business to have a website and one which is highly imperative and functionally attractive. The process that a good website, mobile apps or other similar platforms get created on is called a web development. One of the most integral aspects of the website development services is the programming languages used in it. Web development languages are the platforms by which the instructions are communicated to a machine and then the actions are pursued. Although, the list of web Development Company is booming and is actually a fastest growing service for the career in IT companies, doesn’t mean there won’t be a competition. The most crucial question which arises in the mind of every web developers is “which programming language should I learn”?

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Whenever you have many choices to select from, it is usually harder to decide to learn one language. We love options and alternatives, but then to select from those options is quite bit a harder job, and that’s what happens with every web developer. According to the study of 100,000 developers, there are a number of popular programming languages available for the people to select from, which suit best for their career. Today, every industry is fundamentally changing because of technology and the business leaders are trying to make it as the focal point of their companies. At the heart of these technologies, there come programming languages. For current web developers, it is a chance to enhance their skills and make themselves invaluable for the next decade. When we see any career site, there are a number of jobs available for the developers, particularly in a programming language.

Before we get in more detail about which programming language is the best to use or which programming language should web developers learn and choose for their career, let’s begin with the introduction of web development and programming language as below:

Introduction to web development & Programming language

The term web development is used for the process of creating a website and can extends to develop a single page to creating a series of complex pages. The process that a good website, mobile apps or other similar platforms get created on is called a web development. It encompasses several actions or practices which include web design, content creation, programming, network security tasks and client-side or server-side scripting as well. In recent years, the web development services have taken the definition to create a website of content management system or CMS which is the mid-step between the user and the database. In order to pursue your career into web development filed, you must need to have expertise in any one of the programming languages.

web development and programming

Difference b/w Web Development & Programming Language

On the other hand, the programming language is used for controlling the actions of the machines. Such languages are properly drafted or can be constructed when they are designed in such a manner that through it instructions can be communicated directly to the computer system. Ever since, the invention of the computer systems, there have been thousands of programming languages which are created and more are being created every year. A programming language is generally split into two components which are semantics and syntax. These can also be broadly classified as the notation which helps to write the programs that are identified as an algorithm. Every language is entirely different from another language, where some may be marked by the specification documents and others may have a dominant implementation or a reference.

Traits of Programming language

The characteristics of the programming language referred to as its traits.

  • Abstraction

There are many programming languages which have certain guidelines that help us to define or mark the data structure as well as manipulate the manner in which the commands get executed.

  • Function & Target

Besides doing the writing work on your own, at the time of using the programming language, you also require the help of a computer system which can perform the computation or control algorithm.

language image traits

Traits of Programming Language

  • Expressive power

Languages are mostly classified by the method of computation which they are able to express and yet it is another important trait of programming language.

Top Languages Used in Web Development

The universe of a programming language is very wide and extensive and to know all or learn each one of them is neither practical nor possible. Below are the top languages which can be used in the web development process and as a website developer it is up to you which one you choose:

langugae chart

Use of Programming Languages

  • Java

Java is highly popular and widely used programming language which is used for website development. This language is an object-oriented, class-based and concurrent language which was developed by Sun Microsystems in the year 1990s. Since then this language is continued to be the most popular programming language and widely used.

java language

Originally, when this language was designed, the language was developed for interactive television but later the developers realized that this language and technology was way too forward for this industry. This language is robust, object-oriented, and capable of being implemented & executed with high performance, dynamic, portable & interpreted. It is one of the toughest programming languages to learn but at the same time it is the most in-demand language too. 

  • Python

Python is yet another highly used all-purpose programming language which is dynamic in nature. Its dynamic nature means that a developer can write and run the code without the need of compiler. Some of the apps that are powered by the Python language are Rdio, Instagram, Pinterest, Django, Yahoo, Google, etc.


It works on the core philosophy and thus follows the principle in all seriousness. It was designed with the aim of making it highly extensible which means this language can easily be incorporated or embedded in existing applications. The goal of the developers is to make this language fun to use one. The developers worked on this language in such a manner that it could replace upon premature optimization. This is high level or advanced language which is considered as easy for the beginners.

  • CSS

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet is rather a markup language. It allows the developer to decide and define how the web page or the website eventually looks like or how it will appear in front of the visitors, when it is paired with HTML. Some of the elements that are affected by the use of this language are color, overall layout, font style etc.


Use of CSS Language

This language is pretty similar to that of HTML & XHTML which works amazingly with synchronization and combination of one another. If you require help to create visually attractive web pages and find use in not just building the web applications but also mobile application development, then this language is the most appropriate platform to get better results.

  • C++

C++ is a general purpose and well compiled, a case-sensitive web programming language which is not only imperative but it also delivers low-level memory manipulation. Since this language makes the use of both low-level features as well as high-level features, therefore, this language is considered to be middle-level language.


C++ is similar to C language in many ways and hence it is called as the superset of C. This programming language also has many technical details, but the key to learning this language is not to get lost in these details rather than concentrate on the concept. It is based on 4 principles i.e. polymorphism, abstraction, encapsulation and data hiding.

  • JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the major popular and dynamic languages which is used for the creation and development of the websites. This language is capable to achieve several things that include controlling the browser, editing the content, allowing client-side scripts, etc. It was developed by Netscape and borrowed a lot of syntax from C language.

One of the best thing that this language has for you as a web developer or website owner is that this is among the few languages which can be accepted and supported by all the major browsers without the requirements of plug-ins or complies. It can also work with platforms which are not web-based, for ex: desktop widget or PDF docs.

  • C

C is a general purpose and imperative programming language which was developed back in the 70s and is quite similar to C++. This language is known as the most widely used programming language which offers building elements for other languages. It is procedural or imperative language and was designed to offer low-level access to memory.

c lang.

This language was designed in the manner that, it must need minimum possible run-time support and thus encourages the cross-platform programming. The language is easy to b complied by using the single compiler. It supports the features like the static type system, lexical variable scope, recursion and structured programming.

  • PHP

The term PHP is used for defining the PHP Hypertext Processor language which is a free server side scripting language and that has been designed for not only web development but also for the general purpose programming platform. It is widely used programming language which was created in the year 2004 and now powers over 200 million websites.

php language

Some of the popular PHP based websites examples are Facebook, WordPress & Digg.com. It is an interpreted script language that is used to process through an interpreter. For this reason, it is the most suitable and useful programming language to perform tasks repeatedly.

Factors required choosing Programming Language

Since there are so many different kinds of programming languages, hence it is quite difficult for a web developer to select which one to use and which to not. Some of the factors are given below that helps you to look before you choose a particular language:


Factors of Programming Language


There are a number of programming languages available for the web developers to choose. It completely depends on you which language you find most suitable for you to learn and apply in web application development. But if you need to become a full stack developer, then as per current market demand, choosing HTML or CSS will be best. Though, you must keep it in your mind about the quality of your skills not the quantity of programming language you are familiar with as whichever language you choose for website development it is important that you have full control & command on that language. This expertise will only help you in delivering the optimum result to your clients.

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