Why We Need Cloud Based CRM for Businesses

There cannot be a debate over the importance of CRM software and tools either for large or small business. It has grown to become the strong platform to maintain the good customer relationships. One of the most emerging trends of CRM software development services is to use clouds based CRM systems. Below are some of the reasons which explain clearly why we need CRM cloud based services for businesses as:

  • Easy to scale

When it comes to scalability, the cloud-based CRM software is quite flexible. The system can allow the organization for adjusting its scope of operations without any interference with their normal operations. Organizations can scale up or down depending upon their requirements without any technical issues.

  • Hassle-free installation

It is required to be easy to get started, in order for a startup or small business to successfully adopt any kind of new software. After all, the things are moving fastly and you need not have extra time and resources to spare on it.

  • Flexible integration

For keeping important information about their customer's relationship, businesses, use CRM tools as a database made by the sales team. The cloud-based system makes the integration process easier and smooth when other applications used for CRM like emails are attached to the CRM to enhance the uninterrupted flow of information.

Need of Cloud based CRM

Need of Cloud based CRM

  • Allows collaboration

Cloud-based CRM allows the users to work together on one platform without any form of interface. It also enables each of the members of the team to have their own login structures. This means that it is possible for the customers to log in on multiple accounts at the same time.

  • Promotes centralization

Because the individual must go through all the documents from each department, therefore, to gather the information in both small and large business is often an uphill task. This can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially when the customer does not find the information.

  • Increases productivity

Cloud-based CRM programs for small business and the large corporations have been proved for an increase in the rate of productivity at workplace. The team can hence work without being tied to an office desk all the time.

Short Description about Cloud Based CRM

The cloud-based CRM software is simply the CRM software which is hosted in the cloud that means the collected data of the customers is stored and accessed by business via the internet. This also means that your businesses need not have to worry about the data management and the storage. The cloud-based CRM software can do everything that you need and you’re on-premise CRM software can do for you, but it is more adaptable to your business needs. Cloud CRM also means that any CRM technology where the CRM software solutions & tools and the organization’s customer data resides in the cloud and is being delivered to the end users with the help of internet. It can also offer the access to the application through web-based tools logins, where all the levels across the organizations are defined by the CRM system administrator.

Cloud based CRM

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There is no doubt that the future of CRM software services lies in the hands of the cloud. According to the IDC, it is predicted that the value of new on-premise installations would be dropped from 65% of the market in 2013 to 38% in 2018. The cloud-based CRM offers the organizational capabilities to deploy the applications which are aimed to enhance the customer experience, improvising the prospect conversion and upselling the low capital cost. Although there are most of the major suppliers of on-premise, the CRM also offers the solutions which can be hosted in the cloud, differences in the heritage, important product features, and architecture, etc when it comes to select the right tool to help them interact with existing and potential clients. By accessing the CRM data on your mobile devices or tablets, the information stored in the cloud of your customers can be accessed by you.

Benefits of Cloud-Based CRM

One of the best parts about CRM cloud is that it weighs heavily in the favor of businesses and has the ease of cost and deployment. When you are ten employees or the team of employees, a cloud-based CRM system has the capability to track your growth history fastly. Here are below given some of the benefits of CRM software services on the basis of cloud:

  • Ease of use

From the word go, you can start getting the benefits of cloud and CRM. All you have to do is to make up your mind about which cloud your organization needs. It cannot be simpler ever, to uses cloud-based CRM. As soon as you purchase the software packages, you can directly login to your system and start using it without the tension of maintenance and up-gradation.

  • Unmatched affordability

The small & medium scale businesses do not feel comfortable in investing big amount on single purchase but prefer the regular installments. The cloud-based CRM with pay-as-use model suits them just fine, getting the cutting edge technology at a reasonable price which is another big reason that makes cloud based CRM highly optimal for all kinds of businesses.

  • Seamless accessibility

You just require the internet connection for the cloud CRM to work wonders for your organization, both for the employees who are located at remote locations or in the offices. From the laptop or the smartphones, your company’s database can be accessed on any device that you feel comfortable on at any location.

Benefits of Cloud Based CRM

Benefits of Cloud Based CRM

  • Flexibility

Another reason to use cloud-based CRM is its flexibility in nature. You can tailor this product as per your business requirement. Without worrying about the future, you can initially opt and pay for the functionality which will help you in present day operations and can easily upgrade its features once you need.

  • Security

Vendors offering the cloud-based CRM system take major steps & precautions to ensure that there is high-level data security. The strong passwords and multiple steps verifications have been allotted to fortify the data security & they also offer advanced automatized backup policies and clear data recovery plans so that in case any breach happens, we can still recover the data successfully all the time.

  • Matchable reliability

Even the best system can sometimes leave you with high and dry crash unless you invest in cost redundant systems. In the case of the small enterprise, it does not make much of the business sense and leads to automated backups and redundant servers.

Future Paradox of Cloud-Based CRM

Needless to say that, for a business to thrive in 2018, it must be prepared to utilize the latest techniques and technologies. A CRM implementation is perhaps one of the most transformational and a complex product adoption which an organization can undergo with every department, virtually. Once an organization identifies that it needs CRM software, it is crucial for them to encounter whether its solutions will be on-premise or the cloud-based. While using the cloud platform, it can help your business to future –proof, as there is really a no way to predict the direction in which the technology will go. According to the statistics from Gartner, 4% of the CRM systems are cloud-based and the worldwide CRM market grows by a total of 13.7% from $188 in the year 2012 to $20.48 in the year 2013. The cloud-based CRM services allow tight integration with critical business applications such as Microsoft Outlook.

Future of Cloud based CRM

Future of Cloud based CRM

Every year there is an increase in the number of organizations who makes the leap to cloud-based CRM services. Although there are many IT software companies who will make the decisive break with old ways to manage the CRM, some still prefer a more gradual process of implementation. By the year 2017, over 50% of the large SaaS application providers will offer CRM on the cloud, according to the reports. The CRM in the cloud helps to enable your business and take it to the next level by creating a satisfactory customer experience and also helps you to acquire new ones quickly. As per the reports of CRM market shares, Salesforce is the top CRM software in cloud services with the market share of 16.1%, SAP with 12.7% shares, Oracle with 10.1% shares, Microsoft with 7.1%, IBM with 4% and other’s market share is about 50%. Business often takes the benefit of the contract market for cloud-based developers, which helps them to save money when things run smoothly.

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Nevertheless, businesses which are big enough to justify the financial outlay and the time investment should consider the use of a cloud-based CRM system. It at least ensures the future proofing until there is a next break in the new technology. Conversely, to adopt cloud-based CRM system at the faster pace will be of much benefit for the smaller business in their comprehensive way.

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