Why do we need CRM Implementation

About 5 years ago, the global economy was facing a lot of troubles in resolving the business problems and was going through pretty tough times. The activity of economic business was slowing down in many of the industries forcing out many organizations into a defensive mode to control the cost issue and extra money bleeding.

During that time, there was a large increase in companies which are looking to implement a new CRM-ERP system for their business. Hence, the need for CRM implementation arises as it is a way to optimize cost and manage the limited resources more tightly. Below are some of the points that illustrate the need for CRM implementation in companies:-

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CRM Implementation Growth of your Business

Need of CRM Implementation

  1. The growth of your Business

Prospecting to the businesses, CRM can be used to generate the lead from your website, from an email campaign, etc. You may use CRM to identify the new products or market opportunities.It also helps in the growth of your business productivity.

  1. Replicating Best practices

Undoubtedly, you may surely have some idea about how you need to engage your customers. CRM system is generally used to embed your best sales or customer service processes.

  1. Doing more with less

The main reason for buying CRM is that, the customer has to do more with less risk of failure. 80% of the customers come with 20% of their business which they extremely know well.

  1. Risk Management

CRM helps in risk management activities and helps to track those events who audit the trail to make it easier for controlling sensitive information.

  1. Customers Intimacy

It is the act of tailoring your products or services to fit in customer’s business. It can capture detailed information about your customers and their behavior.

What are the challenges we face in CRM Implementation?

CRM is not mere software; it is a philosophy of businesses. It is the strategy to use a software solution which is typically accumulating data from all customers department like sales, marketing, etc. There are some challenges which one faces during the implementation of CRM Software Development such as:-

  1. Defining clear objectives
  2. Appointing core CRM team
  3. Defining the processes
  4. Managing the application
  5. Finding right CRM partner
                                                                        Challenges of CRM Implementation


Myths about the implementation of CRM Software Development Company

Very often, we find many people who have few misconceptions about CRM implementation. Therefore, to help shed some light on the process and dispel, there are some of the myths that are been heard often as:-

  1. Implementation services are included in the CRM system purchase. Therefore, none of the vendors includes the cost or discount in the purchase of CRM.
  2. The buyer can do their own CRM implementation in-house. Implementing new CRM system is a lot like building your own custom home.
  3. All the license of CRM or seats of CRM must be included at the time of purchase. Therefore, it is far easier to add or remove new licenses.
  4. The process of data migration is simple, straightforward and does not need a lot of time or effort to be implemented.

Steps to Successful CRM Implementation

Giving a customer to what exactly they expect is the most explicit way for them to stay connected. The best thing is to procure them the products and services that they are looking for and the next thing is to give them a personalized attention that holds their memory.

There are some of the steps that help us to implement CRM Software Development Services with an ease:-

  1. Identify the Need to Have A CRM System
  2. Define the Goal Properly
  3. Gather Required Documents
  4. Find out The Weak Point
  5. Put Good Business Practice before CRM
  6. Draft a configuration plan
  7. Let Everyone Share the Same Vision


The implementation of CRM can help client’s business to increase the efficiency of their sales department, can drive customer satisfaction, also can streamline your business processes to identify and resolve all the issues. CRM Solutions are not just nice to have, but also it is a necessity in the world where the prime importance is given to the customer retention.   

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