Application Development and Maintenance

Helping retailers to identify their complex industry challenges into simple processes.

In order to sustain profitability, Application Management Services can help retailers integrate the enterprise, improve organizational responsiveness and reallocate resources toward new ideas.

The retail industry witness many challenges with the growing demand of customers. Many technologies are now emerging to derive customer engagement while improving the retail processes and enhancing the operational efficiency to gain maximum profitability.

In today's boisterous culture, it's extremely difficult for enterprise marketers to reach customers. However, this not so easy challenge appears to have at least one relatively simple solution: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) "beacons." Also known as "proximity beacons," Very low-priced devices transmit pertinent, intended messages and information to nearby mobile devices. Beacons are very small, relatively inexpensive, location based technological devices that send radio frequency signals to the nearby Bluetooth devices and transfer the desired information. Beacon technology is phlegmatic to change the way consumers interact with brands.

Our application and maintenance services can help retailers to streamline the store operations to empower employee and satisfy customers. The information of the system is integrated to optimize the business processes and enable better Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Our experts are completely focused to transform the technology to present a complete view of their business while serving them across the entire purchasing processes.

Help the retail leaders to work better and differently with proper understanding of customer and providing consistent experience across the channel

Highlights of our services:

  • Web development
  • Mobile application development
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • E- solutions
  • Maximize Profitability
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Point of Sale (POS) solutions
  • Retail performance analytics
  • Inventory Management

Our services can be modified as per your retail business need, so you can acquire the more innovative application development and maintenance services to manage the chain process included in the retail industry.

Perks of Our application management services

Streamline the store operation

Automated ordering, stock management, optimize local assortment and continuous replacement help to streamline the complete processes.

Create flawless trade

Product information management and innovation, collaborate with creative planning & management, and supply chain collaboration help your retail business to trade with ease

Leverage customer insights

Create motivation among the shoppers with the help of cross-channel marketing and promotions, and dynamic digital merchandising.

Reduce cost

With our application management services, retailers can reduce the personnel cost and maintenance expenses by updating, integrating, and standardizing the core business application.

Advance the service level

Our services are completely focused to provide the higher level of service delivery by going through continual service level improvements.

Increases quality and productivity

Shorter cycle times for application maintenance with real-time information delivery helps in enhancing the quality. Our best practices for portfolio management, test method, and other applied strategies help to increase the production.

Why Tekshapers?

  • We work closely with you to provide the solutions that address operational challenges, reduce cost, improve margins and sharpen the competitive advantage.
  • Highly specialized in building online retail solution for enterprises.
  • Our strong, dynamic, and focused groups serve as the backbone of our retail practices.
  • Our stack of services includes help desk services, UI design, quality assurance, application development and maintenance.
  • Provide fast and effective services.

If you want to explore more about our retail application development and maintenance, just connect with us through our contact page.

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