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We provide latest and innovative development and maintenance services for manufacturing industries to have the better productivity with lower cost. We have many years of experience in developing an optimized solution. So, we take care of everything from your business analysis to application integration. Our application maintenance services are completely focused to streamline the manufacturing workflow process to create the automated and new level of efficiency.

Manufacturing procedures completely depend on the demand and supply statistics. The data needs to travel miles in the market to bring operational effectiveness and cost competence, so data accuracy matters a lot. Any human error may cause the malfunctioning of the entire setup and supply chain of manufacturing industry.

Distinct business models and processes should function at the regional and global level while running on a single integrated platform so that development can be precisely monitored at each stage. A strong teamwork for your industry is only possible through managed and transparent communication model. Any gap in communication may badly affect the management procedures.

Helping enterprises advanced their operation by implementing the robust and logistic IT solution by creating the innovative business application

Hence to overcome these challenges, Tekshapers offers custom software solution for the manufacturing including supply chain solutions, custom built solutions, and enterprises solution to streamline the complete business processes and create great competitive value in the market.

Our Manufacturing Application Developments Cover The Section Like

  • Optimize resource management
  • Developing CRM and tracking application
  • Inventory model for vendor management
  • Customized fleet management
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • ERP & financial system integration
  • Shipping and logistics management
  • Documented management system

Basic Modules Included With Our Manufacturing Application Development Are

  • CRM
  • Engineering
  • Business intelligence
  • Field services
  • Job cost accounting
  • Financials
  • Material requirement planning
  • Production planning and scheduling
  • Sales management
  • Barcode labor collection
  • Quality assurance
  • Estimating & quoting

How Our Manufacturing Application Development Services Assist You?

  • Consulting services for product manufacturing lifecycle and automation
  • Legacy application migration into the latest technologies such as Java, and .NET to achieve better efficiency
  • Maintenance and support services for complete IT infrastructure
  • Product development customization including all production processes
  • System integration with hardware and other platforms
  • Software application development for document management, account packages customization and more to enhance efficiency

Discover technology driven application to catalyze your manufacturing industry processes and boost sales. Contact us through our contact number or email.

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