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Sell Anything, Anywhere and manage your online store. Rolling out your own marketplace is simple and quick with BuyYourKart. Features which would let you know in deep about this e-commerce platform.

Tek product and services
Tek product and services

Single Seller Shopping cart

An e commerce solution great for brand owners or manufacturers Single seller shopping cart is a perfect solution for any business whether it is a small business or a huge one. With BuyYourKart, You have a complete solution for your web store management, online marketing, customer engagement and ecommerce analytics. It is highly adaptable, fast and secure ecommerce solution.

B2C multi-seller marketplace getting buyers and sellers together.

Gather and stock up of items cause a huge crash in dead inventory as well as incur a major warehousing cost which eats up your profit margin online. At this point a major marketplace archetype comes to your rescue which works on a just-in-time model for product order fulfillment. Through BuyYourKart Multivendor Ecommerce platform a buyer on your store can create order for multiple items which is split automatically according to the sellers fulfilling the order. It will have the features like products from multiple vendors in a single seller, unlimited seller account and many more.

Tek product and services
Tek product and services

Customer Support

We are never at rest when it comes to provide a support to your business. Whether it’s responding to a server outage, answering your questions or resolve any of your problem, we are available 24x7, via Email, phone or Chat.

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