Rising Demand of Taxi App Development Services

Over the last several years, India’s taxi booking apps like Uber, Ola, have together held about 95% of the market. According to the CBNC reports, Uber, which has identified India as a priority market, has touched the annualized booking rates of $1.64 billion in the third quarter. Uber was founded in the year 2009 by long-serving CEO Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp which has rapidly become an entrenched transport option for people around the globe. Uber is hailed by its archetypal disruptive business and has certainly played havoc with the taxi industry in major cities all across the globe.

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Uber is regarded as one of the best and top million turnover startup in the current scenario in India. Indeed the mammoth success of UBER has truly inspired several young talented individuals who cherished for creating something similar and achieve the same astonishing success as UBER and thus it is one the biggest reason for rising demand of Taxi App development services.

This is why there are some young minds that have already begun to search vital keywords which include how to build an app like UBER, what it costs to build an Uber app, etc. The idea to develop a taxi booking app like Uber and Ola is prominent. Indeed, Uber is a huge success in the U.S. ride-hailing market and the organization has changed the entire concept of taxi industry with its customer-centric services. Uber is available in 65 countries and over 600 cities all over the world and thus completes 15 million user trips each day.

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Figures may vary, but Uber’s market share of US ride-hailing is estimated at between 69% and 74%. The net revenue of Uber 2018 was $2.8 million which is an increase of 63% from past revenues. The total venture capital raised by Uber stands at $24.2 billion and the valuation in the year 2018 was $72 billion. While we are some way from the vision of the future to be realized, food delivery UberEats is already operating successfully in hundreds of cities worldwide.

Top Brewed Taxi App Development Features

When you are planning to create a taxi booking app for your business, it is extremely important to have some common features inbuilt in your taxi booking mobile app which will help you to track the records of your passenger as well as the driver. Below are some of the top brewed taxi app development features which are must for both driver and passenger and should be incorporated in the taxi booking mobile app by your taxi app development service provider or mobile app development company:

  • Registration & authentication

Uber-like apps should offer social media and email/password signup and login functionality for ease. Creating a profile beyond improving the customer's retention, which is very much important that also involve mobile payments. As an additional requirement for drivers, their profiles must be verified and approved by service administrators.

  • Profile editing

Passengers and the drivers must be able to easily edit their own profiles such as name, address, emails, phone no, photos, etc. The driver app should also include the driver’s license and the information about their car and its photo. Both the rider and the driver can view each other’s profile. With this information, they can recognize each other at the pickup location.

  • Matching

Matching, which allows a passenger to automatically connects with the driver who is nearest available to them. It is quite a complex algorithm that takes into account several factors like location of the riders and nearby drivers, driver’s status and their rating, car model, etc. The driver has few seconds to accept the request before it goes to the next available driver.

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  • Navigation

At the heart of the location-based app like Uber, it is the technology of GPS tracking system around everything else is built on. It also helps to identify the current locations of the drivers and the passengers, draws a path between them, set pickup and drop-off locations, tracks the movement of driver’s car and calculate the cost of the ride and the ETA.

  • Payments

Uber has partnered with Braintree for secured payments within the app, all the payments made in Uber after the rides are cashless, so when the ride is completed, automatically the payment is withdrawn through the payment gateway. There are many other online payment providers like Adyen, Worldpay, etc. Uber makes money by charging drivers a 20% of commission on all rides booked through them.

  • Rating & Feedback

Passengers and the drivers both must be able to rate each other after the trip is completed. This feature helps to maintain the level of high services. Drivers with a low rating and bad feedbacks will not be able to use the service. If the passenger has a low rating, then it can be harder for them to get a ride for next time. Analyzing both the ratings will help you identify the strength and weaknesses of the services and can make better improvements further.

Why Should You Invest in a Taxi Booking App?

There are several reasons for why should you invest in a taxi booking app like Uber as given below in detail:

  • Improves brand loyalty

A mobile app gives a brand visibility for your taxi limousine business which is a broader way to increase the percentage of the taxi customers. There are most of the people who use their smartphones or taxi booking. Therefore, if you do not have the app for your taxi business then the ideas of developing a taxi booking business can be a little harsh.

  • Expand your business

This is a chance to scale your taxi business to a new level which makes it easy for the users to book a taxi for them very quickly. A taxi mobile app for your organization will help you increasing your customer base to speed up your business. This helps to surely expand your taxi business and helps you to deliver comprehensive solutions to the users.

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  • Leveraging automation

An Uber’s like the mobile app will help you to provide your customers with a better experience by reducing the estimated time of arrival. In addition to it, it can improve the driver's performance and can also reduce the overall cost which is generated by handling everything manually.


A taxi booking mobile app might just be what you require if you own a business of taxi. It helps you to do more and build on your customer base strong. While users would feel more comfortable hailing one of your taxis, you can look at the rising in your sale every quarter. Therefore, to build a mobile application service for your taxi business can take you higher to reach towards the success of your business. 

If you want to develop a mobile application like UBER, and you are also willing to venture in the sea of opportunities which taxi booking apps are offering to the startups nowadays then contact a professional app development company. Contact Tekshapers or get a call from our team of experts to assist you thoroughly in your business requirement.

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