Engaged in offering a wide assortment of oil and gas products and services to vanquish technology challenges worldwide

  • Streamline complex processes

    Make the complex processes into easy and simple services to create and to take up your business to the new heights

  • Easy monitoring & reporting

    Focus on maintaining and monitoring highest HSE standards in all of the operation of the industry

  • Quick adaption

    Quick adaption of latest technology will result in better outcomes for client’s business by providing the absolute and faultless solution

Application Development and Maintenance

The petroleum industry is divided into multiple sectors where oil companies concentrate their operations like upstream, downstream and midstream as well. Along with these three sectors we are specialized in providing the support services. Within just a few years, Tekshapers managed to establish itself as a leading provider of market and consumer data in an oil industry. Over the generation, oil and gas industry management software system has emerged and evolved. In today’s competitive environment, a software se..

Digital Services

As industries continue to face more challenges, we strive to develop our own custom software products and tools to implement the digital services and optimize their business solution. Our goal is to facilitate the distribution of software services, trading operations of oil and gas industries, distributors and retailers, etc. We have reduced the cost of the services to remain in this competitive world. Our digital standards of services are managing the asset in remote location, using centralized system and also improve performance and utiliz..

What We Do

IT Strategy, Consulting and Staffing

There still exist people who rely on the traditional way of implementing and using their travelling businesses. If you are one of those then it is a high time for you to move and switch on to the well versed and advanced way of connecting with your customers and provide them the seamless experience. Feel free to contact us and discuss your travelling project requirement with our traveling consultants, as they will provide you the best and custom solution for your business needs. Our well professional developers would deeply analyze y..

Infrastructure Management Services

Tekshapers is independently recognized as leading industry and global supplier of software services. We have extensive knowledge of infrastructure management services that streamline the deep understanding of oil and gas industries. We will offer customized software solutions for our clients that will help them in better control, decision-making process, increase efficiency, improved performance and reduced cost. We have a solution for number of companies and industries related to oil and gas globally. We have a team of experts with huge and..

What We Think

Infrastructure management services

    Our Infrastructure management system manages your system, networks, database and more to provide you smooth IT operations with minimal chances of getting any error. We are completely focused on the core infrastructure components, so we offer wide ranges of services that can help you to keep your complete IT infrastructure smooth and trouble-free. We offer services like operating system and database support, network and connectivity support, storage support solutions, proactive support for production servers and much more.

Create multi disciplinary capabilities

    • Our vision is to hold our technical knowledge, our innovation-oriented mindset and our manufacturing capability will let you become a global provider of solutions for the market.
    • We use the latest technology and platform to boost up and grow your business in the market.
    • Our software solutions assets customers to grow and expand their business with no scope of errors or complaints.
    • Monitoring of equipments and early detection of software failure to prevent any disruption caused in customers business.
    • By working with us you will be benefit from a huge range of tried and tested products and the flexibility of dedicated team.
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