A cloud based leading software for managing business processes related to human resource management (HRM), Payroll Management, Time & Attendance, Taxation and Tracking Organization Reports. Initially it is developed for Indian customers only and helping small & large businesses to modernize their process & workflows in order to save time in the areas of employee self service, leave etc..

Tek product and services

Employee Master

Don't struggle with spreadsheets & documents, manage all your employee data at one place, create centralized employee database which is easily accessible by HR department to retrieve any information any time for various purposes. Whenever a change being made it gets auto-updated everywhere. Based on information available, automated notifications & reminders are generated for employees & respective category manager. 

Time & Attendance

Manual attendance processing lacks tracking of employee presents/absents & actual working hours, Creating 'shift roaster manually & schedule employees' is also very stressful & time indulging tasks. We provide you platform where monitoring of real time attendance is possible, it generates authorized attendance details of employees & auto update in monthly attendance sheet with no effort & time. Your HR department definitely would love to work with this attendance system. 

Tek product and services
Tek product and services

Payroll Processing in Just 4 Simple Steps

To process employee payroll is just task of 4 clicks. Verify Payable Days accordingly payroll will be calculated. After verifying payable days payroll is processed & net salary is tracked out Before finalizing the payroll system prompts alerts if there is any variable payments in that particular month. Update processed salary & Finalize Payroll. As soon Payroll is Finalized it can be disbursed to employee, Salary will be on hold if not disbursed & as soon it is disbursed employee will be notified to download their pay slips from ESS Panel. 

Employee Self Service

Cut the gap between employee & management; automate the workflows of reporting managers & their team members. Give access to your employee on TekHRM cloud platform & allow them to apply leave online, Log their attendance on web, avail online approvals from their reporting manager for late comings/early leavings, view total earnings for any month, download salary slips, declare investments, view/claim expenses. Managers can schedule & manage shifts of their team online. 

Tek product and services

Organization Hierarchy

Organization hierarchy depicts the structure of organization, based on employee reporting flow (whether on a single or multiple location), is formed automatically. It can be created in 2 different layouts i.e. Tree view & Chart view. Chart view is a graphical representation of employee reporting along with brief description which can be created location & department wise. All reporting managers can view hierarchy of their team only however if authorized can view their seniors up to the level defined by HR 

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