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Best Automation Software. A Manufacturing and Retail Automating Platform which is the First and Foremost Automation System choice of the retailers and Manufacturers to make their work better and different.

Tek product and services
Tek product and services

Dynamic Estimation

  • Prebuild Logics for Estimation Calculation
  • Get Instant Estimation for Any Service
  • Generate PO Based on Estimate Calculated
  • Send to Customer
  • Quantities of works, goods & services and relevant prices are accurately known
  • Customised reports 


  • Allow sales person to add/manage retailers
  • Retailer adds their customers
  • Retailer can submit their leads
  • Retailer can track their own leads history.
  • Avails different type of points i.e. Bonus, Offer & Lead Points
  • Track retailer history
  • Effective Management of Supply chain

Tek product and services
Tek product and services

Customer Automation

  • Manage direct & indirect customers
  • Connect & communicate online
  • Get feedbacks/ratings from customers
  • Maintain historic data of customers
  • Find different segments of customer i.e. New, Returning, Frequent,
  • Block unauthenticated customers
  • Increases Revenue

Inventory Automation

  • Manage all your products in central database keeping detailed listings of products, vendors, customers and transactions.
  • Easily create sales orders, invoices, purchase orders and email them directly
  • Always keep track of current stock levels, & use access rights as needed.
  • Track costs related to your inventory & run reports to see your total sales

Tek product and services
Tek product and services

CRM Automation

  • Auto Ticket Creation
  • Find Available Resource Instantly
  • Assign Jobs to Available Resources
  • Log Job Status Automatically on each activity
  • Mark Job status as completed
  • Imporved Analytical data & reporting 

Finance Automation

  • Automate Customers Transactions
  • Generate Automated Invoices
  • Creates Journal Entries
  • Payments Adjustments
  • Order Tracketing
  • Debit/ Credit Notes
  • Pending C Forms 

Tek product and services
Tek product and services

Report and MIS

  • Generate N-number of reports provided to be used in your internal system
  • Attendance & Leaves Reports for different periods (monthly/yearly)
  • Payroll Reports, Statutory Reports, Income Tax deducted/adjusted,
  • Expense/Claim Reports
  • Meeting Schedule Reports
  • Sales Team Targets Reports 



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