• Leverage Manufacturing Practices

    Create smart strategy for consulting, planning and implementation of industrial manufacturing

  • Smart Collaborative System

    Engage with industrial manufacturer and clients to enhance product development capability

  • Enterprise and Supply Chain

    Deliver expertise in leading ERP and SCM packages to streamline business processes

Application Development and Maintenance

We provide latest and innovative development and maintenance services for manufacturing industries to have the better productivity with lower cost. We have many years of experience in developing an optimized solution. So, we take care of everything from your business analysis to application integration. Our application maintenance services are completely focused to streamline the manufacturing workflow process to create the automated and new level of efficiency. Manufacturing procedures completely depend on the demand and supply stat..

Digital Services

We build the technology platform that could help you to overcome challenges you are getting to stand among the competitor. We transform operating model to accelerate visibility of your supply chain and to provide good insights into your production levels, availability, capacity, and to have better supply chain management. We implement innovative technologies to ensure a better profit in your business. Workload Optimization With Hybrid IT The hybrid cloud offers the scalability and flexibility for the public cloud while redu..

What We Do

IT Strategy, Consulting and Staffing

A manufacturing industry faces lots of troubles for their specialized products and services. We analyze your complete issues and create the IT infrastructure to resolve global competition and revenue challenges. The manufacturing IT services teams of Tekshapers understand the modern manufacturing realities and needs. Therefore, we cater the strategic, operational, and economical solution to turn a normal manufacturing industry into a leading one. A wide range of services is offered via our experts such as corporate strategy and profi..

Infrastructure Management Services

IT section of manufacturing must have an agile, connected and dynamic infrastructure that could always keep pace with the new innovative advancement of the manufacturing environment like Big Data, mobility, IoT, collaboration, and advanced communication. We support thousands of large number of manufacturing end-users devices, networks and data center to provide uninterrupted operations. Nowadays, IT has become more advanced and innovative with the digitization which has completely transformed the enterprises expectation for business...

What We Think

Implement unique technology to transform manufacturing busines

    We merge industrial internet of things (IIoT) with manufacturing operations technologies and enterprise IT technologies with the use of analytics, process automation software, cloud, and more such technologies. We always keep our motive to have increased efficiency, reduced disruptions, lower operating costs, higher productivity and higher margins.

Our manufacturing IT consultant services features are:

    • Hi-tech features available with us add luxury positioning to the market
    • Meet the market needs with new and latest market model
    • Process efficiency
    • IoT driven transformation
    • Cost-effective solution
    • Better yield and revenue
    • Available round the clock
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