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A fully integrated software product is being delivered to the customers that improves the productivity of the organization and gives better control over the activities

If you are a travel company, consolidator Tekshapers works collaboratively to deliver the best solution to its customers. The increase in travel and tourism coupled with new experiences along with rapid growth of business in today’s competitive market. We understand your requirements and thus maintain, monitor and manage all those activities that are needed to perform.

Our rich experience in software development in travelling and tourism industry has benefited our customers and clients in increasing overall profitability For providing optimum solution to our customers and reduce the scope of errors, automate manual tasks, manage your database and network, we work seamlessly.

We have a core team of experts for building web based software for travel agencies, and enhance customer satisfaction. Therefore, we want you to simply switch to our software products or a module that fits to your business as per your requirements and deliver you the tools that manage your activities daily.

Significance of our services:

With every aspect of travel and tourism, we take care of building each and every module or software product that suits well in implementing your business. Some of the highly signified services are described below as:

  • We provide you the solution that creates extensive software products to increase the growth of business.
  • We follow agile methodology with integrated tools to ensure the optimum execution and success for your business.
  • Our travelling solution would let you track orders, customers, their cancellation and modifications.
  • Our unique software products and their features make it unrivaled in the competitive market.

Modules that we cover:

In today’s era, the complex and continuous developing market, the software is made with simplifying the services at ease. Due to its simple, flexible, versatile and all reliable functions, it becomes important to enter into the business that feed some of the modules needed to provide stunning facilities such as:

  • Booking management
  • Series management
  • Package integration
  • Service management
  • User management system
  • Professional travel documents
  • Highly integrated software services
  • Extension handling

All these modules will provide you the extensive growth in your travelling business. Your customized software is managed efficiently and is tested well before we deliver it to our clients. Using the software, customer can enhance these modules for booking or managing their bookings.

Why to go with Tekshapers?

  • Our highly effective software tools will help to manage the business efficiently which are required at the time of production.
  • We have easy to deploy services made which reduce the scope of errors or complaints from the customers.
  • To serve as the backbone of our software product, we offer strong, dynamic and flexible services to our customers.
  • Helps in optimizing your business strategies and updates to stay ahead of the curve and the competition.
  • Responsive and dynamic software platform that is compatible on all devices.

If you need to explore more about our travel and tourism, just connect with us through our contact page.

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