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Adopt innovative business solution to streamline operations and sale your organization to meet future demands

At Tekshapers, we highly create a communicative bond with our customers to establish long-term relations with them. Hence, we bring IT- strategy and consulting services for logistics and shipping industry to deal with all sort of problems, that your business generally faces. With our consultant experts, a variety of segments are included which help to grow your business towards success. Our well professional developers would deeply analyze your requirements and provide you with the best solution. Feel free to contact us and discuss your business requirements with our consultants, as they will provide you with the best business solution to increase the productivity of your organization.

Globalization has built a connected world to open up the frontiers for a number of industry faces like exchange rate volatility, geographical uncertainty, etc. Therefore, Tekshapers brings special IT strategy and consulting services for the logistics and shipping industry to deal with every sort of issue that your business is facing.

Our strategies for logistics and shipping industry focus on the growth of the business by increasing both, the average order size and transaction volume. We analyze your complete issues and thus create the perfect solution to resolve global competition and revenue challenges. We provide you the advanced and innovative IT solutions to manage the logistics and shipping industry smartly from all aspects.

Our consulting and staffing experts help you to manage and implement the business solution which can improve the timely delivery and efficiency of your business growth. Our IT consultant has consistent tracking record for each valuable asset and delivers the best business solution to their clients. Likewise, in logistics and shipping industry, the productivity is crucial. Therefore, Tekshapers enhance with all productivity factors to delivers consistent and valuable services to their clients.

Highlights of our Services                                                              

  • Higher turnaround time for analysis and reporting
  • Documentation on demand with full-service support
  • Outdated and expensive transmission system for tracking the information
  • Strategic outsourcing and configurable functionality
  • Implementation of advanced technology
  • Supply chain management
  • Tracking and status update till the last mile

Benefits of Logistics & Shipping Industry

  • Highly cost effective

Fleet management process like time management, route optimization, warehouse handling, etc will be automated by the incorporation of logistics and shipping industry. It reduces the fuel expenditure and builds an effective communication to boost the productivity of the businesses.

  • Increased Automation

Logistics and shipping industry task can be automated through the mobility solutions in real time. As soon as the enterprise gets equipped with certain management activities they can decrease manual labor and delivery time.

  • Management, Documentation, and Accountability

Because of sophisticated technology, the document to these industries can hold on carriers accountable to pick up delivery. Therefore, the access to load location through GPS monitoring are immediately identified and resolved.

  • Productivity & Efficiency

Logistics and shipping industry requires a lot of time and management of several relationships that a company focuses on their team and product and also business processes. Thus, it handles the stress of dealing with carriers and drivers and can provide an effective business solution.

  • Better visibility

Logistics and shipping industry offer improved visibility across the entire supply chain management. It also enables the enterprise to track and trace the fleets, record for delivery, etc. In this, it not only saves the time but also saves the money that is wasted on tracking and tracing.

  • Predictive analysis

With the increased network, velocity, fewer disruptions, lower cost, improved labor utilization and more on-time delivery with an affordable rate, the predictive and reactive analytic solution can better inform logistics and shipping industry to decision-making.

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