Infrastructure Management Services


IT section of manufacturing must have an agile, connected and dynamic infrastructure that could always keep pace with the new innovative advancement of the manufacturing environment like Big Data, mobility, IoT, collaboration, and advanced communication. We support thousands of large number of manufacturing end-users devices, networks and data center to provide uninterrupted operations.

Nowadays, IT has become more advanced and innovative with the digitization which has completely transformed the enterprises expectation for business. It is now expected as an amazing solution to help the business to become agile, service oriented, secure, and capable of delivering unified solution while enhancing the customer experiences for operational excellence and resilience.

The current business enterprises are digitalized, so they expect IT infrastructure to be robust and agile enough to incorporate any kind of changes that can help to upgrade technology and market at the reduced cost. The energy required to transform quickly towards the business goal is of paramount importance, so an ideal infrastructure management is needed.

Therefore, Tekshapers infrastructure management service offers the experience, tools, and talent needed to create, manage, and run next-generation IT infrastructure to have the better integration and operation of the existing process.


Data Center Services

Data centers are just the foundation where all initiatives that bring business and agility are built upon. Nowadays, enterprise data centers matter more than the core IT operations functioning which are important to ensure the success of any IT project.

With the use of the technologies such as virtualization and automation along with the cloud, the data center agility is enhanced to deliver the faster and cost-effective services. Our services for the data center are

  • Data center optimization and consolidation
  • Infrastructure engineering
  • Core infrastructure transformation
  • Private cloud implementation
  • Workload migration
  • Data center security

Operations Management

Operational execution and excellence are the keystones for any successful enterprise. So, our operations solution goes through the comprehensive approach to ensure the better infrastructure optimizing the output. We offer services for operation management are

  • Service integration
  • Command Center services
  • Database services
  • SAP Basis
  • Mainframe services
  • DevOps services

Network Management

Our network transformation services are focused to make sure that business applications remain on and in available mode. We help the client to reshape network infrastructure to keep pace with digital technologies while enhancing the performance. Our services for network management are

  • Campus network optimization
  • Network optimization
  • Boost the network security
  • Create integrated communication and collaboration
  • Software oriented network

Workplace Optimization

At Tekshapers, we help enterprise IT to ensure data security, compliances and to set the process while integrating with the changes in technologies. We help them to meet the demands of the end user and enable the client to move towards the latest software and operating system while ensuring the high-quality support. We include services like:

  • End-User services
  • Service Desk services
  • Integrated collaboration and communication

Professional Cloud Services

In order to keep your cloud services smooth and running, we recommend the best cloud service provider well suited to your business needs and design a roadmap for implementation of your business. We include services:

  • Cloud strategy formulation • Identify the opportunities to leverage cloud computing
  • Identify the cloud computing models like private, public or hybrid
  • Cloud application monitoring and management
  • Optimize the cloud services

Security Services

Our security information services allow enterprises to have continuous monitoring of their IT assets to find vulnerability management, threats, security operations and more to enhance the IT infrastructure and to meet all required industry compliances. We include services like:

  • Cyber security services • Data security
  • SOC services • Services for security assurance
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance services

We understand that IT infrastructure is the lifeline for any industry, so we offer comprehensive services and solution to each and every IT component of an industry smoothly to drive maximum profit in a very short duration of time.

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