How to be a Successful Staffing Agency

Are you a recruitment consultant or work with a staffing agency? Do you have a set of clients with whom you work closely to satisfy their recruitment requirements? If yes then you must be aware of the efforts one has to make to build a strong relationship with their clients. No business can become success overnight. It takes lot of hard work, dedication & most importantly continuous efforts to understand your client’s requirements & serve them with the appropriate solutions. And it is no different for staffing agencies too.

According to a recent study released by CareerBuilder, in September, the utilization of staffing firms to place talent is now 32%, which is a great increase from past years i.e. 26%. This report suggest a great potential & scope for staffing agencies or recruitment consultants in the market but their success depends on how much extra length you are willing to go above & beyond to ensure your client’s satisfaction.

successful staffing agency

Your happy customers are the key to your success because they build a great repo of yours in the market which not only ensures their continuous investment in your services but also open doors for new business opportunities which will lead to your continued success. Although the requirement of staffing agencies is rising but the relationships that staffing agencies have with their clients leaves much to be desired. In the same, client satisfaction declined to an unimpressive negative rate of 3% in the year 2017 that means for the first time there are more client detractors than promoters.

Surprisingly, according to the reports by the American Staffing Association, the total number of sales in the staffing and recruiting industry has increased by 5.8%. So, we know that the organization is there, but uncovering whether the clients are connecting with them or are they capable of keeping their clients connected & happy could be another challenging part.

Below are some of the staffing strategies that are implemented to improve the client relationship with staffing solution companies and rise above the rest:

  • Streamline your entire recruiting process

One of the most exhausting tasks of the entire recruiting process could be answering emails, addressing client inquiries and searching for job candidates in a timely manner. However, maintaining a strong relationship with your clients has been found as the footing of your business model since the initial day.


Ideally, the recruiters must dig into post hire data to streamline the process of recruitment and thus improve the quality of resumes that they receive and can also decrease the time spent on screening and interviewing candidates that does not match the appropriate position.

Better recruiting come from a well-planned & systematic process. By replacing outdated and non-required spreadsheet, paper resumes and hardcopy documents with better-equipped technology, your staffing agency will be able to stay connected with clients more efficiently.

  • Create a follow-up system

Creating a follow up system to thank your customers for their business can go a long length and is a more interactive way. You can attempt to make sure that your employees always respond to emails, phone calls and enquiries from both current and prospective clients, as soon as possible.

Once the position is filled, you should reach back to your clients by email or phone call and ask them for their feedback on the entire recruitment process that you did for them. Perhaps, one particular client would like to be less involved in the process than you initially thought they would be or maybe they are interested to collaborate a bit more during the screening process. You will get such information only if you are continuously in touch with them i.e. before & after the recruitment process.

  • Optimize for mobile

If you are not optimized for mobile, then you may be the one who is losing out the sales for your organization - not to mention Google ranks mobile friendly sites higher in search results. If your website takes too much time in loading or users have to pinch the screen on their mobile devices to read content clearly, then you can say goodbye to your visitors.

successful staffing agency

In fact, as per the reports, it has been seen that 57% of corporate client develops a negative perception of a staffing firm if their site is not mobile friendly. Moreover, around 73% of job candidates will leave a site if it is not mobile optimized and out of which 1 among 5 users will not return back. You might need to update the phases, depending upon the amount of work required and the budget at your disposal.

  • Share success stories

Sharing success stories help to spotlight what is working well and also spurs individual and team to continue pushing the boundaries. While potential clients might know that they require a staffing organization, they might not be immediately convinced, they need your staffing services and firm. In the earlier survey of CareerBuilder, around 18% of the clients read reviews of staffing companies, before they become partners. Therefore, success stories helps to facilitate unlearning of unproductive, obsolete and restrictive practices.

successful staffing agency

Consider creating written case studies or, to be more interactive, see if you can get your clients to participate in video testimonials. Your clients will like free promotion, so set up one spot on your website and social platforms where they can be featured. You must train your recruiters for identifying top clients and providing them with the required tools to create a polished final product.

  • Respond to client feedback on social media

Social media has changed the era in which we receives feedback or engage with our clients in real time by enabling users to post, comments, share and chat. Clients may ask you a question using direct messaging on Facebook and Twitter, and can reach out to you through your website's contact page.

All of these options mean someone from your staffing firm must be available to respond to this feedback. Whenever a client writes a review on your organization's Facebook page, they should respond to it. If the review given by your client has a complaint or any negative review, then respond quickly and ask them to contact you directly so that you can address the issues.

  • Collect client feedback

There is variety of methods to collect client’s feedback and one of the most successful methods is through surveys. Whether a client provides positive or negative feedback, you must keep a track record of all that. Use it in team meetings for praise and recognition, as well as to improve business standards. Proactively identify the breakdown in your work process before they become major problems as well as valuable strategies which are worth implementing across the board with similar clients.

successful staffing agency

To measure the level of satisfaction, you should also send some short surveys to clients via email. The two most popular tools which help to streamline the processes of feedback for business are Google Forms and SurveyMonkey, which you can use for your survey purpose.

  • Understand your client's industry

It is good to know more about your client’s industry than being very less familiar with it.Therefore, put in extra efforts and time to educate yourself and it will pay off in the long run by helping you land and retain your valuable clients. You must also remember that staffing agencies do not find jobs for people but find people for jobs. So, think of how well you know the client's industry to provide them the suitable candidates.

You must regularly check job postings and track news and trends in your client industry to get a better understanding of the candidates your client need to hire. Also, have your clients to fill out a questionnaire which provides your firm with great insights about your client’s issues, their success and what differentiates them from their competitors. By this way, you will come to know more about your client’s organization from their point of view.

  • Adopt Effective collaboration Tools

To develop relationships in the staffing industry is all about difference - difference in the way which contributes to your client's overall success. One smart way to differentiate is by collaborating with clients with the help of video interviewing. Video interviewing is one of the most popular and convenient method used nowadays.

successful staffing agency

Hiring specific and highly skilled workers can be challenging since they are so hard to find. Yet, your staffing firm requires filling the clients open position with the most impressive candidates as quickly as possible. Before starting any interview process, you must determine together the top needs for the position, and then create a selected list of question to use for an initial screen of candidates.

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There are various factors that make a staffing agency best in the market. Some of which are described above that will help you to make your business more productive and get an edge over your competitors in the market.

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