What are the skills required for making Career in IT

With the profounding and leading excessive skills throughout the organization, it is not a surprising fact that the number of jobs in IT companies in the U.S. is projected to grow significantly in the coming decades. The IT leaders, recruiters, and industry researchers say that the most of the skills which IT workers have today will still be needed in the future. What is that one prospect which truly differentiates one candidate from another candidate during the process of their application? Whether we are talking about the stage which involves the vetting of resumes or the stage of the interview, there are certain qualities in individual candidates which make them differ from each other. In today’s economic world, the employees and the recruiters have realized that it is much quite easier to train smart individual about how to perform the specifics of any role. To have the employability skills can help you to get a better job. It can also help you to stay in your job and work your way to the top.

                                                                      Skills for Career in IT Field

According to the reports of Harvard University in the year 2011, the U.S. employers are seen as a rapid increase in the student who graduates from the college unequipped to survive in the 21st-century workforce to sustain their job. In professional development, it is not always clear about what to focus on. The recent survey by WEF stated that 350 executives across 9 industries in 15 world's largest economies are to generate the future of jobs. These report’s intention was to predict how the technological advancement will transform the markets of labor in coming years. Technical graduates can find themselves against the arts or social science graduates for such roles and can sometimes miss out due to having less developed soft skills. According to the Pew Research, the workers say that the soft skills are the most crucial factor to be considered than technical skills in order to sustain with their jobs in future.

What are the skills and its types?

The skills are the ability to do something, as we know that we are not born with the skills, so we have to develop them by learning & acquiring that knowledge. Skills can be as simple as making toast or can be as complex as playing a musical instrument. There are 3 types of skills which are used in every workplace such as employability skills, transferable skills, and specialist skills.

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All these types of skills are described in detail as below:

  • Employability skills

The employability skills are the skills which have the qualities and attitudes that employers say are essential for their workplace. These skills are like positive attitude, communication, teamwork, self-management, analytical thinking, resilience, etc.

  • Transferable skills

A transferable skill is the one which can be used in the variety of forms or situation or jobs as you can transfer them from one another. For ex: able to motivate, plan and organize, able to work with facts and figures, good verbal and communication skills, etc.

Specialist skills

  • Specialist skills

The specialist skills are the skills which usually relates to the specific type of job or group of jobs. Some of the examples of the specialist job are fluency in the language, heavy vehicle driver’s license, ability to use specific computer programs and technical equipment.

Top 10 Skills Required for Career in IT Field

Some of the top skills which are required for each individual candidate to stay in their job in a perfect manner in the IT organization are described below in detail:

  • Communication skills

Communication skills are the first set of skills that potential employers will notice in you. From the initial moment you get in touch with your interviewer, the employee will be scrutinized that way that you behave. Either it is a telephonic interview or face to face, you communication skills matter the most of all others.

  • Analytics & Research skills

To be analytical, but also strong research skills differentiates one employee from other. It demonstrates your determination of work and your ability to assess different scenarios.

  • Flexibility/Adaptability

An ability to manage the multiple assignments at the same time and being flexible enough to work under pressure or ever-changing conditions, management, environment, rules & regulation, etc is highly appreciated. In today’s fluid world, job descriptions can be changed at any time, so you must be flexible with all conditions.

  • Interpersonal abilities

There is a saying that “No man is an island”. We all have to work with others in order to complete the project efficiently & on time. The ability to build a relationship with those who are all around you under any circumstances and the ability to get inspired by them to do what needs to be done is very important. Every organization looks the quality of a team player.

  • Teamwork

Teamwork means being good at working with the people around you. Both the people with whom you work and the people who work around you must come in contact with your organization. Some of the examples to improve your skills in teamwork include doing group assignments, joining the local sporting team, volunteering community organization, etc.

  • Problem-solving

Problem-solving is the only factor to find the solutions when you face the difficulties or setbacks. It is the time to prove yourself by offering an effective solution. Even if you cannot think of the solution straight away, you need to find out some logical figures around it. You must research on your assignments as part of your studies and must deal with the complaints at your workplace.

Self confidence

  • Self-confidence

Being self-confidence excludes the aura which can make people doubt on you or think if you know what you are doing. If you do not believe in yourself, your skills, abilities, then you cannot expect anyone else to keep faith in you. You are required to be confident about yourself and must ensure that everyone see you as someone who has the ability to pull through whatever situation will come your way.

  • Public speaking

Public speaking is another crucial factor that needs a lot of self-confidence, practice and analyzing your audience. Even though it comes naturally to some of the peoples, but it is definitely a plus point which can be acquired, and it is the skill sought after by the employers. After all, when you meet the clients, you represent the company as a whole. Your communication skills, convincing skills & negotiation skills play an important role in any client meeting.

  • Creativity

Being creative can be advantageous for you to any role that you may have in your workplace. This involves the ability for finding out the solutions to the problems using the creativity, reasoning, past experiences, coupled with information and resources. Through the use of innovative ways to improve the workflows and processes in the workplace, you can change the dynamics of the company and can save time and cost.

  • Ethics & Integrity

Ethics and integrity are the moral values which every person should have and for which he or she is highly respected in the workplace. Even though there are many scandals which appear with black sheep here and there, it is quite important for the employees to maintain their values and their integrity at any cost all the time. Having an honest nature and sticking to your values will surely repay you in the long run.

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All points mentioned above briefly explain the skills which a candidate requires to have a promising career in IT field. You must develop these skills in you if you want to excel in IT industry. These skills not only help you in getting a right job but also play a great deal in your career in the future.

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