Market Demand for CRM and ERP Development

In the last couple of decades, the global market scenario has been changed entirely, which resulted into the growth of businesses. A mark-able growth of 7.3% to 41.8% has been noticed in the market of software development services. The growth of ERP & CRM is driven by increasing adoption of ERP cloud solution among many organizations, to reduce the cost and facilitate the real-time decision-making system.

CRM & ERP development software’s has been designed to make the process of an organization more productive and adequate. ERP allows organizations to manage all key functions of accounting, warehouse, and supply chain efficiently. On the other hand, CRM software supports the customers-part of business.

CRM and ERP Development

CRM software is known for solving fundamental purposes, which has lead software industry to reach greater growth & success. This has been made possible by the advent use of newer technologies and the concepts such as SAAS, and Social Media Integration. CRM & ERP Development Company has made a great progress to reach its present stage and is also proceeding with far more better results. Considering the huge and diverse market, the arrangements intended for software business will deliver high success results within few years time.

Key Takeaways of CRM & ERP

  • CRM & ERP software’s has been adopted by more than half of the users, within first 5 years of their company development. Hence, when first time ERP & CRM software was launched in the market, 2/3 companies using it, had a customer base of less than 100.
  • 1/3 of the CRM & ERP users are those who engage with the industries of sale force, while other software industry giants are Oracle, SAP, etc to dominate 75% of the CRM market.
  • In addition to it, the global average of CRM software spent on software industry is calculated as $ 150 per month per user. Whereas, 61% of the CRM software is spent on other industries.
  • According to the survey, CRM & ERP software had the biggest impact on customers retention rates and the customers satisfaction rates Market Demand of CRM and ERP

Why CRM & ERP is required for Businesses?

Today, every company requires business applications, not only to run its business but also to solve complex business aspects like productivity, growth, etc. Therefore, to keep a cordial relationship with customers, CRM & ERP software provides various key benefits to the organizations:-

  • It terminates the data entry and storage duplicity
  • Share the data easily and in a timely manner
  • Improved order and quote management system
  • It reduces the IT support cost and training cost
  • It Increases the visibility and improves forecasting

Growth and Stats of CRM & ERP Development

The growth of ERP software has been increased by using the latest technologies to reduce e deployment cost and facilitating the real-time decision in the market. Whereas, the growth of CRM market is primarily driven by cloud services such as SAAS. The global market revenue of ERP & CRM software has been stood at estimated stats of $26.30 billion in 2015. The market is estimating the growth of ERP & CRM development software toreach 59.7 billion by 2019.


CRM and ERP Development
Market Demand of Global ERP




                                                                        (Market Scenario: ERP & CRM Development)

There are many industries which have increased the demand for ERP & CRM software in the market like retail industry, business services, technology, banking, and manufacturing. At the lower end, the non-profit spectrum of this software was likely to be seen as 4% of the respondent.  crm and erp software chart

The companies dealing with B2G and B2B business require CRM & ERP software more than the companies dealing in B2C segment. Hence, the growth of ERP & CRM software has been constantly increased for many years.

How CRM & ERP Helps in Business?

The best ERP & CRM software can manage every single activity of your business within a single click. These software helps businesses in following ways such as:-

  • A better understanding of your customers needs and build a more effective strategy for future improvement
  • Easy access to real-time data from anywhere the user need
  • Integration of both the solutions simply saves a lot of time in automating the productivity and hence reduces the duplication of information.


With such a long history, for the growth and development of CRM & ERP software, new businesses will contribute to adopting the CRM technology as the economy continues to improve in such drastic situation. Together, ERP & CRM software can help business to achieve efficiency and expansion results simultaneously. Hence, it is of great significance for the Indian market to have CRM & ERP streamlined on the basis of the survey report.

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