How Web Design Impacts Your Business

When you hear the word “web”, what crosses your mind? For many of us, it would be the beautifully designed website which comes by appealing color, images, videos and a lot of information. Websites are the virtual reflection of their business. We all are aware of the fact that, technology is changing rapidly and the world is dominated by the web. The evolution of the first website was designed as early as in 90’s by Tim Berners-Lee. During the next 10 years, we all will witness the launch of devices and technology which most of us could not even imagine today.

As the internet has become the root of its origin to somewhere back in the year 1969 and it took 30 years to reach all common man around the world, therefore it takes not more than 285-30 years for it to become a trend and an inseparable part of our lives. So, what you are doing today, will become the future trend in coming years. For ex: the wearable computers which have become the integral part of our lives who has its origin in 1980’s and today Apple iWatch, Google Glasses are all important for us. In todays, competitive environment, the online presence of an organization or an industry on the internet plays a very significant role to promote, advertise and sell thir goods and services to worldwide users.

Everything about your website (content, way it looks, images) is determined by the web design.  The process of collecting ideas, a process of aesthetically arranging and implementing them, which is guided for some specific purpose by certain principles, is called as design. In simple words, web design is the process of conceptualizing, planning and building the collection of electronic files. It represents the layout, colors, text, structure, graphics, images, etc that delivers pages to your site visitors. Most commonly there are two types of methods for web designing which works well on desktop and mobile both:

  • Responsive Design- In responsive design, the content moves dynamically which depends upon the screen size. It can present the difficulties in some sections; therefore designers must be careful in relinquishing the control of work.
  • Adaptive Design- In this design, the website content is fixed in the layout size which can match to each and every common screen size. Hence, they will enjoy having the advantages of full control of the finished product.

Generally, a web designer works on the appearance, layout and in some case for the content also. There are two types of templates in web designing which offers different specification to their customers. The one is the ready-made template, which is most commonly used by the startup companies due to low budget of their business. In these types of templates, the user can manage the sort of designing part by their own. They can choose the templates according to their choice, hence the content, images, videos, etc all these things can be managed on their own. Another one is the Custom design template, which is most commonly used by the organization of large scale. In this Custom website development, all the designing part is mainly handled by the team of experts or web designers according to the choice of customer’s business. It generally takes time and is quite costly to create a website in custom templates, where the layout, design, content, images, text, etc all these are done by web designers.

Elements of web design

There are many elements which web designers use to create a website for their customer’s business or any organization such as:

  • Layout

Layouts are the way; the graphics, ads and the text are arranged. In todays, web world, the major goal is to help the viewer find the information that they seek at a glance. Layouts mainly include the maintenance, balancing, and consistency. For example while designing a website it is important to provide good amount of white space to differentiate the content section of the website. An extremely compact or congested layout is not considered very user friendly.

  • Color

Colors play the most crucial part in designing a website. The choice of the colors actually depends upon the purpose and the clientele. It can be simple (black & white) or multi-colored, depending upon the requirements of the business and it should match with the theme of the brand logo so that people feel a consistency, symmetry & harmony.

  • Graphics

Graphics generally include logos, photos, icons, clip-arts to enhance web design. Working with the colors and the content of the web page must be appropriately placed according to the requirement. You should not make it too congested or disorganized.

  • Fonts

Use of various kinds of calligraphy can enhance the design of the website. The most web browser can only read selected no of fonts. Therefore, your designer must generally work within this accepted group.

  • Content

Content and design works very well together to enhance the message of the site through text and visual. The test written on your website must be informative and relevant to the customer's point of view.

  • Navigation

Site architecture, menus and other tools used for navigation in the web design must be created with the consideration of how users browse and search. The goal is to help the user move easily onto your pages and find the information that they need.

  • Compatibility

To perform equally well on different browsers and operating system, design the webpage effectively. It will also increase the views on your website.

  • Interactive

By adding comment box and opinion polls on your website, increase the active user participation and involvement of customers. With email forms and signups, convert users from visitors to clients.

  • Technology

More the advancement in the technology more is the freedom to movement and innovation to designers that allows web design is always fresh, dynamic and professional.

  • Multimedia

Relevant and creative images, audio and video stimuli in the web design can help users to grasp the information; develop understanding in easy and quick manner.

Benefits of Creating Web Design

Responsive web design and development can benefit designers, business, developers and also the users in several ways such as:

  • More Mobile Traffic

According to the reports from SimilarWeb, in U.S. there is more than half of traffic to top websites comes from mobile devices in the year 2015. Therefore, it is important for the companies to have websites which can be rendered properly on the small screen like mobile devices which means it should be mobile friendly. Many professional website design company suggest to have a separate version of their website for mobile users because of it offers great visibility at lower development cost.

  • Lower Costs

Considerably, to make one responsive website takes less time rather than making a stand-alone or professional website design application. Since time is money, therefore responsive design naturally cost less than the alternatives. Creating two separate websites for a particular business will cost much more rather than building one website which is responsively designed by the designer.

  • Lower Maintenance

To maintain a separate mobile site, website needs additional support and testing. In contrast to it, the process to develop a website using standardized method ensures optimal layout on every screen. Spending less time marinating the website also frees up time focusing on more important things like marketing and content creation.

  • Faster Web pages

The mobile users particularly have short attention spans. According to the study, mobile visitors tend to abandon web pages which take longer than three seconds to finish the loading time. To ensure that your responsive website use modern techniques such as caching and images will help you to improve the webpage’s loading speed.

  • Lower Bounce Rates

Responsive and optimized mobile site delivers a much better user experience to the visitors. Therefore, it is seen that users will stick much more around your website for a longer period of time and explore different areas of your site. If your website is not responsive then, it is much harder to keep visitors engaged into your website, as they will bounce back so early.

  • Higher Conversion Rates

To lower, your website bounce rate is the like winning only half of the battle. The key to converting new customers into clients is to create a consistent user experience across all devices. Having a website which looks professional on a single platform and not all platforms is most likely to make the user get frustrated or turn to a competitor.

  • Easy Analytics Report

To make some informed improvements is to know from where the traffic is coming and how users interact with your website. Having a single website greatly simplifies the process of monitoring. There are many Website design online tools such as Google analytics which caters to track and analyze your website into a single report.

  • Improved SEO

Responsive web design is as important to search engine optimization as the quality content. To create stronger backlinks and better bounce rate translates into higher search ranking, you must create the best web design for your organization. There are many companies who offer Best business website design to create a site for their business or organization. According to the Google reports, Google search in the year 2015 expanded its use of mobile-friendliness as ranking signal.

  • Improved Online Browsing Experience

As the proverb said, “the first impression is the last impression”. Therefore, whether someone is visiting your website for the first time or second time, browsing from their laptops, desktop, tablet or mobile, creating an engaging and consistent positive experience for your user is the must. Therefore, create your website in an interactive and engaging manner.

  • Improved Offline Browsing Experience

Now that, smartphones and tablets are HTML5 enabled, therefore responsive designs benefit users by making it easier to continue by viewing content within HTML5 web applications without an internet connection.


Creating a web design for your website plays the most important role in the success of your business or organization. This is all about reaching or attracting the customers towards your business to showcase your organization. Tekshapers is one of the leading companies in providing Web Development & Design Services to their clients to increase the productivity of their business. We are one among the pioneering and reputed company who delivers Software Development Services to our clients to the growth of the business.

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