What are the Attributes of Great Team Leaders

Everybody defines the team leaders in their own way, but the way John C Maxwell defines is something unique and interesting he says “A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way and also shows the way”. A great team leader has the futuristic vision and knows that how he or she can turn their ideas into real-world stories. A great team leader has various forms of traits and characteristics that help the team members to follow up. It naturally possesses the certain qualities such as integrity, compassion, learns leadership through training, etc. These qualities of the leaders inspire the trusts and respect of the team and also stimulate the production within the workplace.

 Attributes of Great Team Leaders

Before we start getting deeper into the attributes which are required for a great leader to become successful in their organization, let’s learn a bit about what is team leadership as discussed below:

What is Team Leadership?

The team leadership plays an important role in a team’s success or failure. To lead small operations may not compare with the challenges to lead a large complex organization. Team members who may not have the authority over other members but can be appointed on the permanent or rotating bases to represent the team to the next higher level or to make the decisions in the absence of consensus are called great team leader. To write about a great deal of team leadership today, we must focus on the capabilities and the behaviors that the formal leader of large divisions or enterprise needs to be effective. There is no doubt on the criticality, but there are many firms which have been increasingly relying on the teams to help them to resolve their business problems and drive them towards success.

 Attributes of Great Team Leaders

Team leaders need to quickly unite the team and organization around the new and revised goal, in today's fast and economic changing environment. They must ebbed to take on board diverse and often strongly held vies among the staff, service, and agencies to develop the strategy. They also need to develop the innovative teams who can quickly take the benefits of new opportunities and can preserve the team spirit and optimism in the terms of resource scarcity. The styles which are adopted by the leader will have a major impact on the performance of the team members.  According to Heresy, thee leaders must adopt different styles which depend on each situation and the development level of the team.

Responsibility of Team Leaders

Below are the typical responsibilities which a great team leader must possess for better results in their organization and with their team members as:

  1. Leadership & Coaching

  • With the vision of project objectives, they offer dedicated teams
  • Inspires and motivates the team
  • Helps to resolve functional behavior and develops team members
  • Facilitates collaboration and problem-solving mechanism
  • Ensures the discussion and decision lead towards closure
  1. Focus on Team

  • As necessary part, they focus on customers internal and external requirements
  • Familiarizes the teams with customers requirement, specifications, design target, etc
  • Offers important business information
  • Serves as meeting managers and chairman
  • Help the team to be focused and on track

 Attributes of Great Team Leaders

  1. Coordinates Team Logistics

  • To obtain the necessary resources works with functional managers and team sponsors
  • Establishes meeting times, places and agendas, etc
  • Coordinates the review, and release of design layouts
  • Obtain and then coordinates with the communication, equipment for team members
  1. Communicates team status

  • Provide status of team activities through reports against the plan
  • Keep the project managers and product committee informed about the tasks and issues
  • Serves as the focal point to communicate with issues and other teams
  • Provide the guidance to the team which is based upon management direction
  • Escalate the issues that cannot be resolved by the team

Characteristics of Team Leaders

It is always said that strategic leadership is learned, as it does not come naturally. Therefore, to educate yourself about the characteristics that you require to embody and help yourself to become a better leader is extremely important. After a deep thinking all around, below are some of the crucial characteristics of great team leaders:

  • Strong communication

Without a doubt, the top attribute of the strategic leader is the being an effective communicator. Communication also helps in expanding the software skills practices with team members.

  • Passion & Commitment

The enthusiasm which you have for your project will get others excited because they can feel and see your dedication towards work. One simple way to convey your passion and commitment is to lead by example.

  • Positivity

If your team is surrounded by a positive environment and people, they will even work harder than you suggest them to do and will keep the entire organization happy.

 Attributes of Great Team Leaders

  • Innovation

Being a strong team leader, it needs to have an eye for innovation and the vision to execute the new and different technological changes.

  • Collaboration

To have a collaborative approach to leadership is more powerful because it naturally creates the transparency and effectiveness in your organization.

Attributes of great team leaders

Below are some of the major attributes of a great team leader which must possess every leader to create a friendly environment and enthusiastic behavior between the organization and his or her team as:

  • Honesty & Integrity

The 34th President of U.S. stated that the supreme quality of a good leader is unquestionably integrity. Without this, there is no real success possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, football field, office, army, or anywhere else. So a leaders needs to be honest.

  • Confidence

To become an effective leader, you must be confident enough to ensure that others follow your commands. If you are unsure about your own design and the capabilities, then your team members will never follow you.

  • Inspire others

Probably, this is the most terrific job of the leader is to persuade others to follow him. It can only be possible if you inspire your followers by setting good examples of yours. If you can handle some terrific situations, then they might follow you as their inspiration.

  • Decision-making capabilities

Apart from the artistic vision, the great team leader must have the ability to take right decisions at the perfect time. The decisions which are taken by the leaders have a profound impact on masses which results in a better connection.

  • Accountability

You need to follow the approach highlighted by Arnold when it comes to accountability; he says that a good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame and the little less than his share of credit in the organization.

 Attributes of Great Team Leaders

  • Empathy

Leaders must develop empathy with their followers, unfortunately, most of the leaders follow the dictatorial style and neglects the empathy altogether. Because of which, they fail to make close connections with their followers & team members.

  • Empowerment

You must provide all the delegate resources and support that your team requires and must need to achieve the objective and give them a chance to bear some of the responsibilities on their shoulders for good results in future.

  • Delegation

The effective team leadership knows that how they can share the leadership with the help of delegation. Delegating certain tasks to trustworthy team members helps the leaders to focus on improving workplace functions and production.

Traits of Future Team Leader

According to the SHRM annual conference held in Las Vegas, an HR expert, Marcus Buckingham shared thought on how team leadership is becoming more and more valuable and evolutionary than it was ever before. It was the point of the complete exercise, and out of 10 about 9.99 times are true with the exercise that, the whole list of characteristics are less than 5-10% of traits which would b qualified as a result based trait. A typical leadership development program must focus primarily on the organizational heads like Directors, CEO’s, they are the ones that overseas their employee through the lens of implementing the organizations. But, this method of management has proven the time again as not being effective to improve the performance of the organization. Buckingham also suggested that in order to truly know your employees, the organizations must improve the performance, because the focus is needed to be on developing team leadership rather than top organizational leaders.

 Attributes of Great Team Leaders

According to the statistics, around 50% of the employees quit their companies/jobs due to their team leaders or boss. The secret to success to avoid such instances is to develop good habits that you can work on every day consistently which makes you better than each day. According to the research, the percentage of respondents on leadership competencies are grouped into 5 categories as strong ethics and safety (67%), self- organizing(59%), Efficient learning (52%), Nurtures growth (43%), connection and belonging(42%). This theme gradually combines with 2 out of 3  most highly rated attributes: high ethical and moral standards, as around 67% of the people selected it as the most important factor in building great team leader and about 56% in communicating clear expectation was found.


Great teams are made with great people who think with diverse and behavioral preferences. The team leadership requires identifying these differences in order to get a better lead. Whether you are a seasoned leader or a new business owner, there is always something different and new to learn about how to manage the employees.


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