Applicant Tracking System for Staffing Agencies

Many Organizations are using ATS solutions in order to reduce many issues associated with talent acquisition today. Many employers implement recruiting software to help bridge the talent gap and achieve competitive advantages in their hiring efforts.


There are few reasons why recruiters should use an Applicant Tracking System:

• Improved Candidate Experience

Candidate experience is an important part of the recruiting process that can impact how effectively a company is able to recruit quality candidates. Candidates are unsatisfied if they don’t receive regular updates of their application. Candidates are seeking better communication and more feedback from employers. These primary factors can be addressed with the use of ATS and human resources software. By automating the recruiting process with ATS solutions, businesses can streamline the applicant workflow to ensure that no candidate has a negative experience.

• Applicant Tracking Systems Save Time

Once the hiring managers get past the initial learning curve, they quickly see how much time an ATS can save. From automated social sharing to managing email templates and transferring tasks, an ATS takes off much of the burdens recruiters traditionally face. An ATS can also automate social recruitment, which recruiters say can reduce hiring time by as much as 15-30 percent.

• Applicant Tracking Systems Save Money

Many Applicant Tracking Systems not look like they are the cheapest service to have in your company. But when you combine all that you are paying for agency fees, job ads you will find that an ATS can actually turn out to be cheaper. With an ATS, communicating with candidates, handling administrative duties and entering data is no longer need to be so time consuming and costly in terms of man hours.

• Applicant Tracking Systems Increase Employee Retention

ATS helps to find a quality match quicker and that doesn’t just save time and money. The better the match, more likely both Recruiter and the employee will be satisfied with the results. This will reduce turnover and help you build your employment brand.

• Auto-Matching Internal Candidates

Hiring Managers work hard to build up the quality of their candidate databases because they know that this leads to effective and productive placements. Capturing good data is the key, and an applicant tracking system make it as easy as possible to utilize that data to match quality candidates to open positions.

• Refine your Candidate

From the Large Database dig out your best Matched Candidate with the Niche Requirement. Track out the candidate any time & Boost your business process.