Overview of Automation Testing : The latest C level Issue

In the software development process, the testing is the most prominent phase. It ensures that all the errors/bugs are ironed out and that the product or software is functioned properly as expected or as close to the target performance as possible. In simple words, the automated testing or test automation is the method in software testing process which makes the use of special custom software products or tools to control the execution of test and then compares it with actual test results. Because the automation testing is done through the automation tool, it requires less time in exploratory tests and thus requires more time to maintain test scripts while increasing overall test coverage.

Process of Automation Testing

As most of the people in software development companies know that there are some distinct with automation testing as this is a process in which the software tools execute pre-scripted tests on a software application before it is released into some production. According to the reports, at 504 companies the responses from 699 respondents, which are primarily located in North America & Europe, they have the annual revenues greater than $500 million USD. The overwhelming majority of 93.4% are the companies which use SAP, although a little amount of companies also uses other packaged software as their primary ERP system.

Why Automation Testing?

Every software development group tests its product and delivers the best software to their customers. The best way to increase the effectiveness and coverage of your software testing is Test automation software. To playback pre-recorded and predefined actions, the automated testing tool is capable of doing that which can compare the results to the expected behavior and reports about the success or failure of the test engineer. The basic need of having automation testing is described below as:

Need of Automation testing

Benefits of Automation Testing

The automated testing can increase the overall efficiency software and thus ensures about the robust software quality. One of the biggest perks of automated testing is that it can be implemented with time again and again with minimum efforts and maximum accuracy. Some of the benefits of automated testing are:

  • Faster feedback

During various phases of the software development, it comes as a relief for validation which improves the communication among coders, designers, product owners, etc.

  • Accelerate results

The automation testing is owing to the quick development, due to which lots of time is saved even for the intricate and some enormous system which allows delivering fast results each time.

  • Reduced Expense

Automated testing saves companies many a penny, while the initial investment may be on the higher side. This is due to a sharp drop in the amount of time which is needed to run the test.

  • Efficiency improvement

The significant portion of the overall application development lifecycle is taken by testing. This shows that even the slightest improvement of the overall efficiency can make an enormous difference to the overall project.

  • Information security

The effectiveness of the testing largely depends upon the quality of the test data that you use and the time and cost savings in this area are potentially huge.

How Can Automated Testing Help the Latest C-Level Issue?

Every year the developers gather in San Jose for Apples annual WWDC, where the quality of software is typically a key point of discussion. This year, the companies progressed from its 2017 buggy software debacle and heads on efforts marked by the industry leaders naming 2018 as its year of software quality. The software with poor quality creates long-term effects of warning customer’s confidence and revenue loss. For the entire C-suite, these are real concerns as the quality is no longer an issue which is limited to Dev or Ops. According to the QualiTest, 88% of the consumers say that they had abandoned the app if they encountered bugs or glitches. Among which 32% says that they would abandon the app right at the moment when they encounter a glitch.

Process of C-Level Issue

As budgets for QA and testing are expected to rise from 31% to 40% by the year 2019, 1/3 of the developers admit that they are not provided enough time to properly test the software before it is deployed, as automates testing delivers immense value in ensuring software quality. According to the researchers, about 26% have a tCOE in place and another 16% have the plans to start one or are considering it which is also an indicator to increase in the market maturity in test automation. More than 4 out of 5 firms are using test automation that identifies the benefits of business in multiple areas; 86% with most of the respondents identifies the different areas of benefits.

Practices & Tips of Automation Testing

The practices and tips which are used for automation testing to return maximum ROI are described below as:

  • Decide what test cast to automate

As we know that, it is impossible to automate all the testing data, therefore, it is important to understand which test case should be automated first.

  • Test early and test often

To get the most abundant results, the testing must be started as early as possible and ran as often as required.

  • Select right automates testing tool

There are lots of automates testing tool available in the market, so selecting the right test automation tool helps you to generate maximum ROI.

  • Divide your testing efforts

It is crucial to identify the level of experience and skills for each of your team members that reduces the problem of bugs and helps in better results.

  • Create good, quality test data

It is boring to create the test data for you automated test, but you must invest time and efforts to create the data that is enormously well structured.

Reasons Why Automation Fails

You organization has automated the test data, that can be a very good chance for better results. But, you may still face several issues like bugs keep coming back, developers are not confident to make the changes in your system, developers are afraid to refractor the system, etc. There is a good chance that your investment in automation testing has not delivered its value. Some of the factors are:

  • Consumption of test results

The developers and the testers consume the results within minutes and thus make it their highest priority to resolve any failures. Your automation suite provides them the information about the entire prospect of your software and it has the ability to point out the issues within small functional components and bigger user journeys.

  • Creation of test data

The test is required to be independent and repeatable so that they should be created and deleted from the data on their own. It is easy to set up the objects for any of your testing needs, even if the structure of data is complex. In this, all the teams are able to create their own data when they require it. Your test relies upon a specific state in the database or other services.

  • Test Environment

To identify the lines of code which causes an issue in any environment along with the path to production or finding the code commit which causes the problem, these are the tasks takes only a few, minutes in testing the entire environment/ process. It creates a huge impact on the value of test automation as the results were not trusted.

  • Continuous integration & deployment

Get the fresh copy of the project on your local developer machine and then run the test. Then, you must make the local changes and run the suite again. If there are failures, then clearly it was due to your local changes. Now, you can fix your local code before you impact anyone else. Since you have all limited changes to yourself. Then to find the root cause and fixing it is now easy.

  • Timing & Integrity

From the beginning, the test automation has been a part of the software development services. The existing test represents the testing pyramid and the new test is written as new features are being built. Once you have started investing in test automation, then the manual testing efforts get too slow and too expensive.


Although, the automation testing is hugely recommended, not for all the organizations that readily embraces it in its entirety. Businesses still require being cautious while they are approaching for test automation vendors, irrespective of the benefits. Before implementing, there are certain resistance for the changes that are usually faced, sprouting from a place of fear, and doubt.

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