How Beacon Technology Impacts Business

Beacon technology will potentially revolutionize the business of customers in different fields. It brings a new way to the interaction between you and the customer. Beacon Technology is a small, inexpensive device that enables the accurate location with a narrow range of GPS. In today’s competitive market, it is extremely important for the marketers to understand the need of their customers and reach out to them on time. Therefore, Beacons play a very vital role in it.

Beacon Technology Impacts Business

                                                                                  Beacon Technology

Usually, these are small standalone devices which are attached to the walls or object in the environment. They are excellent tools for creating location-based and real-time mobile experiences. They are the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to broadcast a signal from an app on the device to a compatible app on another device. In addition to it, they transmit a small amount of data up to 50 meters and are often used for navigating indoor locations.

Pros & Cons of Beacon Technology

Beacons are extremely useful for indoor navigation in retail, shopping mall, healthcare and many more industries but it too has some advantages & disadvantages, both.


  1. Relevant information in real time

Beacon technology gives an opportunity to the marketer to target their customers with a personalized, hyper-local and tailor-made advertisement whenever they enter a specific zone or area. It creates a great bond & relationship with your existing customers & also helps you in targeting your potential customers smartly.

  1. Indoor navigation

This technology detects the precise location of your customers’ device and targets them at specific location and zone only.

  1. Efficient service

Beacon technology allows you to work more efficiently and fast. With the help of beacon technology, quick payments can be made.

  1. Reduce waiting time

It eases your trouble of waiting in long queues for finding a table in a restaurant or parking your car etc.

  1. Delivery tracking

You can track the real-time minute delivery status of your online order or package.

pros and cons of becon technology

                                                                            Pros & Cons of Beacon Technology


  1. App Problem

Customers keep very few apps in their phones so big players can get the benefit of having their brand’s app in their customer’s phones but small or medium-sized business will face the disadvantage of not having their app installed in their target customer’s phone.

  1. Not Self-reliant

Beacons rely on battery draining Bluetooth to operate but most of the people keep it turned off on their mobile devices.

How Beacon Technology Works?

Think of a time when you have to stand in long queue to park your car or need information to know about the seat availability in your favorite restaurant. Using the integrated Beacon App, you can instantly pay for your parking meter or can also check out the open timings for your favorite restaurant. With the advancement of technology, beacons are also useful in shopping malls or complex supermarkets where it helps to identify the shopping outlet where you need to shop. This enables the shopping experience more enjoyable and more happening by quick and easy access to the products that you are looking forward.

Beacon Technology Impacts Business

                                                                      Working of Beacon Technology

Beacons have proved themselves by sustaining in the shopping environment since past many years. They are extremely helpful in supermarkets and retail. They are also helpful in healthcare centers where you can easily identify the direction of your respective department or doctors & staff. From big to small businesses, beacons serve each and every enterprise and change the working standard of the organization. With the help of Beacon Technology, whenever the customer enters the shopping store, a warm welcome message will automatically be generated on their devices.


Beacon technology has the potential to transform the shoppers’ experience into completely attractive and unified experience. In coming years, beacons will likely be seen a rapid increase in the number of store operators & users. Though the future of beacons may look different than anticipated originally, there is no denying that it will bring a new paradigm shift in the way brand market themselves & target their customers.

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