ERP And CRM Development Solutions

In, a software development methodology (also known as a system development methodology,software development life cycle, software development process, software process) is a division of work into distinct phases (or stages) containing activities with the intent of better planning and management. It is often considered a subset of the The methodology may include the pre-definition of specific  and artifacts that are created and completed by a project team to develop or maintain an application
Software engineering is an engineering branch associated with development of software product using well-defined scientific principles, methods and procedures. The outcome of software engineering is an efficient and reliable software product.
Software project management has wider scope than software engineering process as it involves communication, pre and post delivery support etc.
This tutorial should provide you basic understanding of software product, software design and development process, software project management and design complexities etc. At the end of the tutorial you should be equipped with well understanding of software engineering concepts.
Let us first understand what software engineering stands for. The term is made of two words, software and engineering.
Software is more than just a program code. A program is an executable code, which serves some computational purpose. Software is considered to be collection of executable programming code, associated libraries and documentations. Software, when made for a specific requirement is called software product.
Engineering on the other hand, is all about developing products, using well-defined, scientific principles and methods.