How does Artificial Intelligence help in Tech Support

As rapid advancements in technology continue to transform how organizations are developed in the modern world, the entrepreneurs are actively exploring the smarter ways for operating more efficiently and eliminating problems that have traditionally plagued progress and performance. To deal with the customer service sucks- as it is the bane of our existence as consumers. Had anyone worked in the tech support? If yes, they must have known by the types of request that eats up analyst’s time and mental energy- the ones where the analyst ends up asking the same question again and again. “Have you tried restarting the program”? Are your cables all connected?  These types of tech support requests are repetitive and usually easy to solve, but there tends to be a lot of them that adds up to a big drain on the tech support team’s capacity.

 ai in tech support

As per the reports of Zendesk, as much as 42% of B2C customers have shown their interest in purchasing after experiencing good customer service. This same study goes to claim that around 52% of them have stopped purchasing due to single disappointing customers support interaction. By transforming customer service interaction, AI-powered digital solution are prepared in improving  every aspect of your organization  that includes online customer experience, loyalty, brand reputation, preventive assistance, and even more revenue generation stream. The digital marketing area moguls the project that by the 2020 year, there will be more than 85% of all customer support communications that will be conducted without engaging any customer service representatives.

How can AI augment the Human experience?

While AI assisted chatbots can easily answer simple questions, they have limited ability for carrying out more nuanced requested. As per the reports of Transparency market research, the global artificial intelligence technology is worth about $126 billion, with that number expected to reach $3trillion by 2024. With the increasing rate of about 36% every year, it is easy to see why organizations are heavily investing in AI in the realm of customer service. By incorporating AI-powered chatbots and AI assistant human agents, it can help us to improve the overall customer experience and drive the value across the business. Looking forward into the future of artificial intelligence will be skills enabling technology which empowers the business and differentiates them from one another.

ai in tech support

It has been noticed that 45% of retailers plan to utilize artificial intelligence within 3 years for enhancing their customer experience. As per the reports of BRP, 55% of retailers are focused on optimizing the customer experience to increase customer loyalty by improving the mobile shopping experience and creating a unified experience across all channels. The customer usually has very high expectations while interacting with the brand and this is especially true for customer service system. Customers never wait for the company’s contact center to catch up their expectation. At this point, it may be easier for the customers to switch providers after one poor customer service experience.  However, there exists a massive hype floating around about how AI assisted responses will completely replace the requirements for human agents. Though, most of the excitement of artificial intelligence is due to its major capabilities:

  • Machine learning

This is attributed to a powerful computing system which churns a large amount of data to learn from it. Facebook messenger, request suggestion and the spam folders are the best examples of the AI machine learning process. Artificial intelligence mainly revolves around two distinct innovative capabilities to power the job of customer support agents. This is the cognitive power which enables the organizations to offer efficient services to customers.

ai in tech support

  • Natural language processing

This supports your daily interactions with the AI software by using its ability to process interactive spoken/written messages. The best examples of natural language processing are Siri, Cortana, Amazon Alexa, etc. As per the reports of Gartner, 55% of the well-established organizations either have started making investments in the potential of artificial intelligence or are planning to do so by the year 2020.

How AI helps in Tech Support?

Let’s discuss how much AI technology can do for today's customer service representatives who are working in a call center and for a business that they work:

  • AI as a brand messenger

In past years, we have seen that social media has flooded with people devouring messaging apps. They are generally relying on the messaging apps not just to communicate with their closed ones, but also to engage with brands they are curious about or familiar with. This is the reason why AI-powered, customized and real-time messaging bot services can provide an incredible opportunity for organizations to connect with new and existing customers and helps to foster unique revenue stream.

  • Timeless merits

Sticking on the cost is the major priority for organizations as of today. When it comes to calling center practices, it takes a good deal of money and time to hire and train staff for customer service as well as to erect the whole brick and mortar infrastructure. Just 10 support individuals can cost you as much as $35000 or even more if they frequently quit. Automating responses with the help of AI enables customer service platform can minimize this burden by decreasing cost and time. It is a pre-programmed intelligent system stuffed with the domain-specific knowledge base.

  • Controlled multi-change support

AI technology is not just for giving direct assistance to customers, but it can also be used to lead the customer service path. At times, when problems get complicated, an intelligence support system will have a certain capability to direct customers towards parallel support channels. Thus, AI for customer services process brings comprehensive balance in the support system. This will fulfill their service commitments and will relief the loaded support channels from the hectic rush.

ai in tech support

                                                                              How AI helps Tech Support

  • Reliability

As customer requires evolving, a business which is determined to serve the best quality has to integrate the unique defined methods of assistance to offer unquestionable reliability and flexibility. In the tech-rich era, consumers expect a great level of maturity in the way enterprise propose service solutions to customers. By using the cognitive knowledge base of intelligent chatbots, the service based industries can empower their everyday interactions with the customers which yield such magnitude of reliability that is difficult for humans to achieve.

  • Email support

After Amazon’s sensible Alexa and Apple Siri, we can say that AI technology is still generating smatter while going with the process of improvements and innovations. Despite its role of artificial intelligence for customer service, machine learning capabilities of AI software still lack certain points where it requires refinement and human-like sensibility. When it comes to handling email support, AI robot must ideally be making the suggestion and writing the proper draft to answer customer queries through emails.


AI powered chatbots for customer service is pushing the envelope of innovation and thus revolutionizing the way customer is helped. AI technology is hugely embraced and the companies are confident about how tech support can handle all queries in an effective manner with the help of artificial technology.

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