Is Augmented Reality changing the Social Media Marketing

The social media marketing professionals are keen to understand the major aspects like how new technologies will influence the future of social media trends. You can consider that it is quite tricky one for the organizations to take the benefit of new trends while targeting potential customers. Basically, we all have seen that new social media marketing services are coming up, powered by the technological advancements. Well, the fact is that the social media too is a result of technology. Therefore, as technology evolves thing will alter automatically. The augmented reality is one of the most integral parts of new technologies which will affect the future social media trends. For this, you must check out the latest social media apps development and enhancement that is done on existing platforms.

augmented reality in social media marketing

Augmented Reality in Social Media Marketing

It is clear that AR will play a vital role in shaping the future of social media trends. It can be felt and witnessed by the users of Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Tinder too among several major other platforms. However, we can also state that AR is still fairly speculative filed as most of the major projects are still at the kickoff stage. The new marketers will open up to the new doors to social media trends. The existing market is more than eager to see what this technology has in store for customers. The millennial and Gen Zers will be among the fast adopter as they seem to recognize the value attached to trying new products. Therefore, businesses must be ready to link up with the technology and focusing to achieve their sales goals.

How to create Intriguing advertisement in AR through social media?

Making AR lenses for your brand is not as easy as you may think. While creating augmented reality advertisements on social media networks, there are few things that you must keep in your mind:

  • Align Brand Story

The story of your brand must be the root of all your advertisements. This will allow the customers to correctly interpret the lens that you create. Furthermore, to have a story which is authentic and true to your organization will help to mitigate the risk of people misinterpretation of the AR lens.

  • Integrate social media platform

Next, you must be sure that the flavor of your campaign with the social media platform that you have selected. Snapchat is the foremost example of this, which is a fun and playful application so your advertisement lens should be exciting for consumers.

augmented reality in social media marketing

  • Focus on customers

While creating AR lenses, it is always crucial to make the users focus on your design. You do not need the lens to be centered on your product. This will surely help you and your business gets more customers to reach and traffic.

  • Make it timely

It is most important for your campaign to reflect what is currently happening in society. By having the filters live during your shopping experience, this will generate more traffic and higher productivity in your business.

Will Augmented Reality Take Over Social Media in Future?

 Since past several decades, social media marketing has become such an integral part of the marketer's toolkit. However, the marketing services as an industry are still in its infancy and have changed a lot and evolving to. AR is already closely intertwining itself within the social media, in large part because of Snapchat. In fact, much of the popularity of augmented reality is due to snapchat, although Pokemon Go has certainly had its own greatest impact. The Snapchat users can help to bring life to their updates with the help of AR filters and lenses and they are even able to create their own. By the year 2022, AR in social media marketing is expected to be recorded as most spending platform at higher speed.

augmented reality in social media marketing

With 37% of the world’s population and 60% of the American are now actively using social media users, brands, to understand the need for social media presence. AR has made significant changes to the way we communicate, create and thus share with the help of social media.  This technology is recognized as a creative and innovative way of connecting with the general audience and customers. It is expected that the numerous advertising companies will take advantages of the various possibilities in augmented reality for improving the way they communicate with customers. AR allows the creation of three-dimensional thinking where the customers not only see ads ahead of them but also around them. Hence, all these factors will strongly influence the future of marketing in the coming years.

How Brands leverages the AR on Social Media?

Considering how much will AR be the part of the social media marketing in today's scenario, and the answer to this feels to be very obvious. The augmented reality will continue to be a huge part of our everyday lives. That also includes social media. And no-one will rejoice in this more than the brands and the marketers who will have new methods to promote themselves and their products or services in a unique, exciting and engaging manner. Below are some of the features that will help us to leverage the social media marketing on augmented reality:

  • Virtual stores

Customers can already purchase the products from social media, but with the help of AR technology, this could turn into a much more engaging experience. Users usually do not even have to visit the brand's physical stores any longer. Instead, they will be able to step into your virtual store, try out the products and buy them directly online.

  • Live Events

What if you can attend the event from the comfort of your home or offices? Or will it play AR games with other people whom you even don't know? This technology is already shaping the entire market and is being implemented by different organizations and brands such as PGA Tour, in which the user can download the AR app and start engaging with the event and the players as well.

augmented reality in social media marketing

  • Videos

Very soon the brands will be able to further engage their audiences by creating interactive AR videos. There are many different ways in which they can use these videos to educate their customers on how to make the use of their products services or how to make the most of them. By AR video, people can experience what they would like to be.

  • Brand Awareness

A great experience is highly sensitive and shareable in AR technology. Meanwhile, if you are creating an amazing AR experience for your audiences as lenses, games or any other interactive experience, then people may need to share the results with their audience- this is incredible news for brands and marketers.


Augmented reality and social media marketing are the two prominent part of everyone’s day-to-day life. As augmented reality is highly linked to social media, and one of the greatest reasons for this is due to Facebook and Snapchat, and more recently Instagram, these top social networks are very much encouraging for people not only to use their AR features but also to create their own AR experiences. There is no doubt that Augmented Reality technology is changing the social media marketing & its scope & possibilities are endless. It would be interesting to see how big impact will it have on marketing techniques & customer engagement in the future. 

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